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Cultivation Leffen: Resurrection

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Cultivation Leffen: Resurrection
Title logo for season 2 documentary produced Red Bull for a documentary covering Leffen.
Released Season 1: May 3rd - September 19th, 2016
Season 2: September 7th - October 12th, 2016
Language(s) English
Studio Red Bull eSports

Cultivation Leffen: Resurrection is a mini-documentary series produced by Red Bull following William "Leffen" Hjelte. The Cultivation Series is a documentary that focuses on competitive fighting gamer starting with Street Fighter player Snakes Eyes for season 1 and then followed Leffen for season 2. The second season is broken into two part: the initial ban of Leffen due to poor sportsmanship and behavior in and from the time he was denied a work visa-entry in 2015 which hindered his ability to compete in most of North America.


Season 1:[edit]

Season 2: Reformation[edit]


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