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Last Stock Legends

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Last Stock Legends
Last Stock Legends Logo.JPG
Released Season 1: Apr 8, 2016 - Aug 30, 2017
Language(s) English
Budget $7,245
Director(s) Wynton Smith
Studio Last Stock Legends

Last Stock Legends is a compilations of mini-docs created by executive producer Prog, associate producer Gangly, with the involvement of Cartega, Papapaint, Tafokints and Brentos. It is based on a group of Smashers of various generations who are all part of the process of uncovering some of the most important/crucial things of Melee’s history. The DC++ era was ended by the YouTube era, and that was replaced by Twitch. However, there are moments, matches, people from years past that need to be brought back up to the forefront and the collective conscious of the Melee scene. The rivalries that exist now, the heroes and villains we have now, the events we venerate, they all have a history that needs to be discussed and Last Stock Legends is looking at starting the conversation back up. There is a plan for a season 2 in the workings currently and more minidoc series.

Season 1[edit]

Planned Episodes[edit]

  • Darkrain vs Cactuar from the perspective of Cactuar [1]

Minidoc Series[edit]

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