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The 64 Story is an ongoing mini-documentary of Super Smash Bros. produced by Preston, released in March 2016. Upon the success and major influence of The Smash Brothers documentary from the Melee scene came the idea of documentary The 64 Story. Its creation, as well as being donation-funded [1], in recent is notably due to the current trend and the many 64 major tournaments beginning to appear in 2016, with many calling it the "year of 64".[2] The documentary is planning to cover Super Smash Con 2016 as part of its next episode. Current people who were interviewed in the documentary were: Madrush21, KeroKeroppi, YBOMBB, Fireblaster, Darkhorse, JaimeHR, Shears, pidgezero_one, Cobr, Shalaka, Banze, The_Z, Wangera, Wario, SuPeRbOoMfAn, Revan, and Mariguas.


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