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Mang0 Cloud9 Series

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Mang0 Cloud9 Series
Mang0 Cloud9 Series.jpg
Released Season 1: Feb 17th, 2016 - Feb 9th, 2017
Projected release date Ep. 7: The Big House 6 - Feb 16th, 2017 (TBA)
Language(s) English
Director(s) Cassidy Sanders
Music by Monstercat
Studio Cloud9

Mang0 Cloud9 Series is a biographical mini-documentary series directed by Cassidy Sanders and first released in February 2016. The story follows Joseph "Mango" Marquez through the top Super Smash Bros. Melee competitive scene while talking about his origins, going through interviews, discussing and commentating on the various tournaments that he has entered. The series was last updated February 9th, 2017 with the note that episode #7 would be produced the following week after; it is unknown whether the series will still be continuing.


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