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Smash at the Balcony

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Smash at the Balcony
Smash at the Balcony.png
Released Jan 3rd, 2017
Runtime 14:39
Language(s) English
Director(s) Adrian Nieto
Music by DJ TiNMaN
Studio MisprintMedia

Smash at the Balcony is a mini documentary filmed by Alex Wallace and Adrian Nieto. The story revolves around a weekly Project M tournament in SoCal which would eventually start into a regional called The Big Balc tournament on May 27th-29th, 2016 as part of the Project M Championship Circuit. The success of the previous tournament has created the follow up tournament,The Bigger Balc, on May 27th-28th, 2017. Interviewees in the documentary includes Guntherz, Nashun, Jose V, Junebug, Jason Waterfalls, The Party, Zesty, Maddox, Groove and Phresh.

Mini Documentary[edit]

Who the Hell is...Documentary[edit]

Who the Hell Is... is a Project M mini-documentary series, made to showcase the players and community members, their personalities, and their stories.

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