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Charizard (SSB4)/Forward throw

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Hitbox visualization showing Charizard's forward throw.


Grabs the opponent with its mouth and then twirls its head around before throwing them forward, dealing 10% damage. It is one of the strongest forward throws in the game, typically KOing at the ledge below 150% without rage. Additionally since it throws at a rather low angle of 40 degrees and Charizard releases the opponent from a low and away point, which besides improving its KOing ability, it leaves the opponent at a low recovery point to make them more vulnerable to edge-guarding if they survived. Also it synergies very well with Zard's up throw, as the optimal DI for u-throw is down + away, and if opponents are caught preemptively DIing for u-throw at high percents, Zard can use f-throw instead to KO even earlier than u-throw would have near the ledge and leave the opponent in an awful low and away recovery position against Zard's strong edge-guarding if they survive. This can put opponents trying to preemptively DI when grabbed in a 50/50 death situation as f-throw is too fast to be easily reacted to to DI it correctly in time, especially if the opponent is a light character as f-throw is a weight-based throw that's faster the lighter the opponent is, though opponents knowledgeable about it can avoid it by preemptively DIing for f-throw instead when grabbed and then reacting to u-throw to DI if Zard uses u-throw instead, as u-throw takes much longer to complete and is easily reacted to.

Compared to Charizard's back throw it has the same damage, knockback values, and launch angle, but significantly more ending lag, which prevents Zard from comboing off of f-throw as it can off of b-throw. However since Zard throws the opponent at a lower and farther away release point, it KOs earlier and leaves opponents in a more disadvantageous position for recovery.


Hitbox type Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling Fixed knockback value Weight dependent
Throw 10% 40 60 65 0 Yes

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