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Charizard (SSB4)/Back throw

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Hitbox visualization showing Charizard's back throw.


Charizard grabs the opponent with its mouth, and then flings them backwards, dealing 10% damage and high horizontal knockback, being one of the stronger back throws in the game and a threat to potentially KO below 150% near the ledge, especially with rage. It is very similar to forward throw, having the same damage output, launch angle, and knockback values. Though compared to f-throw it KOs later and leaves opponents at a higher recovery position that makes subsequent edge-guarding off it more difficult, as Zard throws the opponent from a high inward release point, while f-throw throws from a low and far away release point. However b-throw possesses unique utility as a setup throw for combos at low percents, as its very low endlag allows Zard to true combo into dash attack, forward aerial, and up smash at low percentages, and at higher percentages, full hop Flare Blitz can be used to read a jump or catch an opponent that lands on a platform, usually being a KO if the Flare Blitz followup connects.


Hitbox type Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling Fixed knockback value Weight dependent
Throw 10% 361 60 65 0 Yes