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Eagleland (EarthBound in Brawl and SSB4)
Universe EarthBound
Appears in Melee
SSB4 (Wii U)
Home stage to Melee:
Lucas (DLC)
Availability Starter (Melee, Brawl, and SSB4)
Crate type Presents (Brawl Only)
Maximum players 8
Tracks available In Melee and Brawl:
Mother 2 (Alternate)
Bolded track must be unlocked in Brawl
In SSB4:
Magicant / Eight Melodies (Mother)
Onett Theme / Winters Theme
Smiles and Tears
Pollyanna (I Believe in You)
Mother 3 Love Theme
Porky's Theme
Unfounded Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise
Bolded track must be unlocked
Tournament legal (SSBM)
Singles Banned
Doubles Banned
Tournament legal (SSBB)
Singles Banned
Doubles Banned
Article on WikiBound Onett

Announced at E3 2001, Onett (オネット, Onett) is the hometown of Ness, a stage centralized around the EarthBound world. It returned in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a Melee stage, and in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as a familiar stage. Additionally, in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the normal version of the stage is one of the selectable stages available for 8-Player Smash.

In All-Star mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee, this stage is played on when the player face Ness and any of his teammates. In Brawl, Ness is fought here when being unlocked.

Stage Description[edit]

It consists of two buildings on the far right and left, and a series of unstable awnings in the center. The awnings in the center of the stage will eventually give way, if enough players jump onto it. The awnings will be reset after a short period of time. On occasion, an exclamation point (in both Melee and Brawl) will appear onscreen, signifying that a car or van will pass by the bottom of the stage. These can hit the player(s) or opponent(s), so they should be avoided or guarded against. Characters can only be KO'd off either side of the stage or the top of the stage, as there are no drop-off points on this stage.


The main hazards of this stage are the different colored vehicles that speed by the road at the bottom of the arena. Each different colored vehicles deals 30% damage.

  • Taxi Cab (Yellow car) and Teal Coupe - These cars both do exactly the same amount of damage and knockback. The coupe is most likely to spin out whenever it hits an opponent, and the larger the opponent, the more likely.
  • Magenta Coupe - This car deals reverse knockback, meaning that it sends the victim flying behind it. Very much like Dr. Mario's down tilt, yet much more powerful.
  • Runaway Five's Tour Bus - This car spikes any character it hits. Being that it's on the ground, the opponent can only be sent downward if in the middle of a short hop, otherwise the victim is sent upward. The spike is so powerful, it is capable of star KOing any characters above 90%. Also, this is the vehicle driven by a Runaway Five member as described on the warning poster.

Changes from Melee to Brawl[edit]

Eagleland: Onett returns in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as EarthBound: Onett. One change in the stage is that the right edge of the left building's roof can no longer be grabbed. Also, there are slight lips on the both sides of the house on the right. This prevents characters against these walls from jumping to avoid cars. However, the cars in this version of Onett are far weaker and have no KO ability at realistic percentages unless very close to the walk off edges, although their damage output has not been decreased and they can still disrupt gameplay. Another slight change to this stage is that the red cross on the building of the Hospital has been removed, most likely due to issues about misuse of the Red Cross emblem ([1]).

The warning sign on the right side of the stage is only readable in Brawl when the Devil assist trophy moves the stage to the right or when the unrestricted camera hack is in use.

Tournament Legality[edit]

The stage is banned in both Melee and Brawl, though it saw use as a counterpick in the former game. The reasons for banning are the same in both games; the walls allow for infinite combos, and the stage hazards of the cars can disrupt gameplay and easily allow for early kills (this problem is more prevalent in Melee). The lack of a lower blast line also removes the edge guarding component of characters; the low ceiling at the top of the stage and the walk-off blast lines also can allow for very easy and early KOs.


Onett as it originally appeared in EarthBound.

This stage is from EarthBound. In EarthBound, Onett is Ness's hometown in Eagleland. One of the first things the player has to do in EarthBound is to go to the drugstore to buy a weapon upgrade. In this stage, the drugstore looks somewhat similar to the drugstore in EarthBound; however, the sign is different, the color of the canopy in this stage is purple instead of green, and in EarthBound the drugstore has two stories not three. Onett also features red and blue houses. In this stage, the red building on left doesn't look similar to any buildings in EarthBound, but the blue one on the right looks similar to the smaller blue houses in Onett. Ironically, in EarthBound, if one jumps in front of a moving car, it stops until one gets out of the way. This is not true in Smash as cars continue to drive, and even hit the players. In EarthBound, a local group of ruffians called the Sharks were causing trouble in Onett. The Sharks' hideout is in the Onett arcade and Ness had to defeat Frank Fly, the leader of the Sharks, in order to get rid of them. Frank is in a fenced in area behind the arcade. In this stage in Smash, the arcade can be seen to the far right of this stage, and the design of it looks just like it did in EarthBound, except there is no fenced in area. Hospitals in EarthBound play an important role. If somebody in Ness's group died/was rendered unconscious or has a status problem, the player can go to the hospital and pay a certain amount for the person to be revived or cured. Hospitals are also useful for curing a player's status ailments. In Smash, the Onett hospital can be seen in the background. Hotels also play an important role in not only EarthBound, but Mother as well, as they fully recover HP and PP (Psychic Point). Onett's hotel can be seen in background towards the back of the town; however, it is difficult to read the sign saying "Hotel" without the use of hacking. The hotel's design is also different than Onett's hotel in EarthBound. In EarthBound's Onett, there are a few bulletin boards around town that have messages written on them. In this stage, there is a bulletin board that has a message on it, and the design of the bulletin board is very similar to how it is designed in EarthBound.

Despite these references, the overall layout of Onett in Smash is inaccurate to how it is in EarthBound.

In EarthBound, the town of Twoson has a park named Burglin Park. In Burglin Park, there are people selling miscellaneous things held in jars and a few people have canopies up. In the foreground of this stage can be seen a white canopy. Under the canopy are jars on a table, which is very similar to how some people sold things in Burglin Park. Also in Twoson is a bicycle shop where the player can buy a bicycle to get to locations quicker. In the foreground can be seen a couple bicycles.

The Runaway Five's tour bus as it originally appeared in EarthBound.

In EarthBound, the Runaway Five is a band that is always short on money and they can't pay the debt to the owners of theaters they perform in. When Ness helps pay the debt for them they are free to go. To show their gratitude, they offer Ness a ride to his next destination. The vehicle the band drives is a black tour bus that has "Runaway" written on this side, which will show up backwards when the bus is facing left due to the sprite being reversed. The Runaway Five's tour bus is one of the vehicles in this stage that can hit players and it says "Runaway" on the side (In Japan the Runaway Five are known as the Tonzura Brothers and in the Japanese versions of Smash the bus says "Tonzura" on the side). In EarthBound's Onett there is a taxi that drives around. In Smash one of the vehicles that can hit players is a taxi.

In EarthBound Ness has to get to the top of a hill with cliffs in Onett. The only way Ness can get to the top is to enter caves and climb to the top from the inside. In this stage the steep cliffs are retained and cave entrances can be seen. In the beginning of EarthBound a meteor crashes on one of the hills in Onett. In this stage can be seen the meteor sitting on the highest part of the hill. (in Brawl the meteor is difficult to see under normal circumstance due to the restrictions of the camera on the pause screen, but it can be seen for brief moments under normal circumstances such as using Olimar's final smash). Oddly enough, the backhoe seen in the Dusty Dunes Desert in EarthBound can be seen in the background of this stage.[2]

In SSB4, Ω Mode takes place on top of a wider version of the drug store. On top in the background are flowers and a trash can. This is likely a reference to when Ninten first meets Lloyd in Mother as Lloyd was hiding in a trash can on top of Twinkle Elementary School.

The primary music for this stage is from the Mother theme "Bein' Friends", which is the second overworld theme in Mother. The track is also mixed in with Mother's eight melodies, Mother's title screen, and at the end of the track can be heard the tune that plays when a player encounters an enemy in Mother. The alternate music is "Pollyanna", which is the first overworld theme in Mother, and the theme that plays shortly for Ness's house in EarthBound. [3]


  • If the player stands just to the right of the blue house and pauses, zoom out to see the "Onett Message Board" to the right. It reads "Caution, A black van driven by this guy (seen in the picture right of the message - he is one of the main Runaway Five band members) has been spotted racing recklessly through town. Be careful!".
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there is a glitch involving the Soccer Ball. If the ball is hit and lands on one of the bushes suspended in the air above the left house, it will bounce continuously, causing the bush to bounce, until a player or another item steps onto it.
  • Using the unrestricted camera hack, a rice ball can be seen behind some flowers. This can be seen in both Melee and Brawl, and it is currently unknown if it is in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
  • Strangely, two mailboxes are missing in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.