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The logo of Brawl- Maximum 1.0
An alternate version of the logo

Brawl- (also known as Brawl Minus or B-) is a mod of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Compared to Brawl+, which was designed to be balanced through reasonable tweaks to characters, the intent of Brawl- is to give all characters incredible buffs and options until they are all equally overpowered, and thus balanced. The mod's focus on over-the-top physics changes and new character gimmicks has resulted in popularity second only to Project M.

As of version 3.Q, Brawl-'s character roster includes Pichu and Roy, both of whom are not playable in Brawl.

On December 12, 2014, version 4.0 was announced. September 4, 2015 had released 4.0 beta.


  • No random Prat Falling. Running into or getting hit by Banana Peels will still result in tripping, and most moves with hitboxes that contained a chance of tripping are now guaranteed to trip grounded opponents.
  • Dash canceling via crouching has returned from Melee.
  • No replay time limit.
  • Window of time for dash-dancing lengthened, enabling more Melee-like DDing.
  • Ability to shield during dash-dancing.
  • Ability to crouch when running after the initial dash, which also gives the players the ability to perform a running down smash.
  • No stale move negation.
  • Lagless edges - characters can now drop from or climb onto ledges immediately after grabbing them.

Gameplay tweaks[edit]

  • Significantly increased shield stun (X/2.56) → (2.7X+2) (duration stuck in shield while being attacked).
  • Gravity and fall speeds have been increased to x1.1
  • Increased hitstun, being a ×0.50 multiplier. The ability to act out of hitstun has also been completely removed.
  • Air dodging is disabled during tumbling, similar to Melee.
  • Every character changed, ranging from subtle changes to radically recreated characters.
  • Every character can wall jump.
  • Teching is easier to perform, since it can now be buffered before the character is even hit.
  • Shield pushback has increased.
  • Attacks performed on Ice now do more damage and knockback, and have more time reduced per input.

Stage changes[edit]

Many stages are customized or replaced completely. All Brawl stages not listed here are unchanged from the original Brawl.

Menu changes[edit]

  • The Wii Remote warning, loading screen, and the beginning of the opening movie are different.
  • The title screen is different.
  • The main menu has a purple background.
  • Some menu option buttons have different icons and fonts, and points on their borders.
  • Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard have been given their own independent character select slots.
  • Menus can be sped up by holding L or R.


  • The character select screen will occasionally freeze the game on the one-player modes.


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