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Wario (SSB4)/Down throw

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Hitbox visualization showing Wario's down throw.


Throws the opponent onto the ground, then violently sits on top of them. While it has too much endlag to be used as a conventional combo throw, depending on the opponent's DI, it is possible to get some followups. If they DI down, Wario can do dash attack and lock them with the late hit. If they DI up and are a big character (like Mewtwo or Donkey Kong) then Wario can follow up into a back air and even kill with it. Should the opponent try to tech, he can buffer the bike, then punish all tech options except for teching in. Otherwise, the throw is actually unable to kill even at 999%, so it is completely unviable as a kill throw.



Hitbox type Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling Fixed knockback value Weight dependent
Throw 4% 130 80 18 0 No


ID Part Damage SD Angle BK KS FKV Radius Bone Offset SDIx FFx T% Clang Rebound Type Effect G A Sound Direct
0 0 4% 0 AngleIcon361.png 30 100 0 6.0 0 0.0 3.0 0.0 1.0x 1.0x 0% HitboxTableIcon(NoClang).png HitboxTableIcon(Rebound).png TypeIcon(Body).png EffectIcon(Normal).png HitboxTableIcon(GroundedTrue).png HitboxTableIcon(AerialTrue).png M Kick SpecialsDirect.png

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