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Talk to me[edit]

Any questions? come here and ask me! CBFan6 (talk)

Your userpage[edit]

contains broken file links. I will suggest uploading an image because categories are not allowed as per our userpage policy. Thanks S3AHAWK The Spooky OneThis image is my signature icon. Also seen on Wikibound as File:S3AHAWK SIG.png 16:47, October 27, 2020 (EDT)

I have now removed the file link, given that you didn't respond to this message or upload something in its place. You will be allowed to put it back, only please make sure you actually have something to put there if you do. Black Vulpine of the 🦊Furry Nation🐺. Furries make the internets go! :3 04:37, November 5, 2020 (EST)