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Brawl mains Ike, R.O.B.
Other Brawl
Marth, Sonic
Melee mains Marth, Yoshi
Other Melee
Captain Falcon
SSB64 mains Link, Captain Falcon
Project M mains Sonic, Charizard
Other Project M
Ike, Yoshi, R.O.B.
Skill Other Amateur
Additional info
Real name Beau Worth
Birth date (age 26)
Location Louisiana United States

I used to be a member of Wikia a few years ago under the name BeauWorth. I doubt people would recognize me since I didn't use it much, and I was mainly only a contributor for McleodGaming, the makers of Super Smash Flash 2. While I am not relatively new to wikisites in general, I am to this community. It is a pleasure to be a part of this community while trying to help Project M players more information on their characters.

I'm not a competitive Smash player. Project M bought me back into playing Super Smash Brothers though I only play it for fun. I will go back to online play as soon as the launcher supports the option to do it in-game. It is also the only SSB I play right now even though I will watch ANY competitive SSB. The Wii is the only Nintendo console I have right now anyway.

My purpose here is to help give information on Project M. I have seen sites that offer strategies on characters in Project M, but nothing statistical yet. Hopefully we can make this site a good reference for Project M so players can have a reference for characters at least. My only reputable talent that would be beneficial would be my ability to experiment. Seeing how people argue when it comes to casual vs competitive over this game makes me stand back. I do have my opinion on these issues, but the Internet makes arguing pointless. I wouldn't mind a friendly debate as long as things don't go out of hand.

I'm not scared to talk if you come to me. Just don't make things awkward.