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Tournament:The Z's IRONMAN Online Tourney

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The Z's IRONMAN Online Tourney
Dates September 2014
Super Smash Bros. winners Fireblaster
Director(s) The Z

The Z's IRONMAN Online Tourney was a Smash 64 Ironman tournament hosted by The Z in September 2014.

The tournament was a best of 1, single elimination tournament where each player chose 5 characters with 4 stocks each and would play until all of their characters were gone, crew battle style. The tournament had 16 entrants.


Name Placement
USA Fireblaster 1st
USA tacos 2nd
USA Nova 3rd
USA Cobr 4th
USA Hipstur 5th
USA Zedz 5th
USA Metacopolys 5th
USA Ducky 9th
USA Rapta22 9th
USA Caneut 9th
USA Saltsizzle 9th
USA KnitePhox 9th
USA Combo Blaze 9th
USA Pluid 9th
USA ClimhazzardIX 9th

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