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This template is intended for use in most SmashWiki articles. It is used to display a series of icons in the top right corner of the article that quickly point out certain things about its content:

Articles may make use of zero, one, many, or all of these icons as necessary.


The basic template, {{ArticleIcons}}, will not display anything. Parameters are used to tell the template which icons to display:

  • series
  • ssb or ssb64
  • ssbm or melee
  • ssbb or brawl
  • ssb4 or ssb4-both
  • ssb4-3ds or ssb4-3
  • ssb4-wiiu or ssb4-wii-u or ssb4-u
  • ssbu or ultimate
  • pm or projectm
  • p+ or project+
  • unofficial (for unofficial lingo)
  • competitive
  • fa or featured
  • protected

Activating any of these parameters with any argument (such as ssb=y) will show its icon, with pipes (|) between each parameter. Examples:

  • {{ArticleIcons|ssb=y}}
  • {{ArticleIcons|ssbm=yes|ssbb=yes}}
  • {{ArticleIcons|brawl=1|featured=1}}

The order of icons will always be the same, no matter what order they are written in.

The allgames parameter will show icons for all released games (though this might not be done immediately on release, in order to give time to update its usages). Note that allgames and series are not equivalent:

  • allgames is for elements that happen to appear in every game, but are not an inherent part of Smash Bros. For example, every game has an appearance by the Beam Sword, the Pokémon universe, and Master Hand, but there could easily be a Smash Bros. game without these things.
  • series is for elements that are fundamental to the nature of Smash Bros., and the game cannot exist without them. For example, it is impossible to make a Smash Bros. game without concepts such as knockback, port priority, and pausing.

Protected icon

The protected icon should be given certain values other than anything generic, such as "y":

  • ProtectIconRed.png vandalism
  • ProtectIconYellow.png highrisk
  • ProtectIconGreen.png editwar
  • ProtectIconBlue.png preemptive

These values produce different icon colours and rollover text relating to the protection type. If anything else is entered, it is used as a custom reason.

Other features


If you have ideas for other icons, post on Template talk:ArticleIcons.