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Team Ben is a crew founded in 2003 by high school friends from Ellicott City, MD. They stood out from other crews not only for their success in tournaments, but also for the number of tournaments they attended and the distance they were willing to travel in order to attend them. Husband was the overall most traveled Smasher during 2005 & 2006, while Bach and Oro went abroad to Sweden and Japan. Other claims to fame include Wife for his commentary and later for his narration in The Smash Brothers documentary, Husband for his public callouts, and Bach for his tournament montages.

Coinciding with the Golden Age of Melee, the crew would grow grew to many as six members, earn a sponsorship from White Castle, and enjoy brief affiliation with Team Carbon. In the Platinum Age, Team Ben has only two active members: Husband and Wife.

From left: Oro, Neo, Wife & Husband
From left: Wife, Oro, Husband, Bach, Neo & Chillin


Current Members[edit]

  • Husband - founding member
  • Wife - founding member
  • Oro - founding member (inactive)

Former Members[edit]

Rival Crews[edit]

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