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Taken from his Google+ account.
Team info
Former crews Team Ben
Personal and other info
Real name Erik Reichenbach
Birth date (age 39)
Location Maryland United States

Bach is a childhood friend of the original members of Team Ben, and got involved with Smash when he helped house smashers for MLG DC 2005, and Team Ben's "Getting Schooled 2". For about a year, Bach used his filming and editing skills to create montages for several tournaments around the country, eventually taking his skills abroad to Sweden and Japan. The montages were widely well received, covering events such as Show Me Your Moves 3, Smash Aid V, and MLG San Francisco.

Eventually, Bach began working for Major League Gaming, heading up the Smash section of Video on Demand during the 2006 season. He has since stepped down from his position as filmographer for the competitive smash scene. All MLG Smash videos were later removed for reasons unknown, leaving his personal YouTube channel as the last place his work can be seen.

Bach's extensive work in recording the pioneering days of competitive Melee earned him a special thanks in the The Smash Brothers documentary, which made heavy use of his footage. His last interaction with the community was a 2016 Reddit post, gauging interest for a Reddit AMA.

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