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Knockback resistance, not weight change (proof from testing)[edit]

What is the source for the information about the 1.6x increase and the 0.33x decrease for the poison mushroom, because I have tested for this in game and I believe I have proven this false. In order to prove this I used 3 known rules about the functionality of weight in the game, none of which were obeyed in my test results.

1. Weight has no effect on base knockback.

  • Tested with Ness' forward throw (which has very high base knockback and negligible knockback growth) at 0%, Bowser was not sent as far as usual while mega, and was sent drastically further while mini. This is not typical behaviour for weight changes, when compared with Bowser vs. Jigglypuff launch distance.

2. Weight applies a frame-speed-multiplier on certain throws, e.g Mario's back throw.

  • Tested with Mario's back throw on Bowser, no change in animation length was found.

3. Cloud's Finishing Touch ignores weight values.

  • Only a slight difference in kill percent was expected (on account of the altered fall speed), but the actual kill percent change was huge. Also it took longer before the coloured launch trail appeared, proving that nevertheless, knockback was, in fact, reduced.

The above results would imply that, rather than a weight change, knockback resistance is applied to mega fighters instead. For this reason, I believe the incorrect information should be changed, unless some sort of explanation can be found for these abnormalities. Alex Parpotta the flying lobster! 16:50, 11 July 2017 (EDT)

Yeah, it should be knockback instead of weight. 034.png DracoRex, Creator of the Land 17:05, 11 July 2017 (EDT)
I was just about to ask whether the Super Mushroom actually grants knockback resistance or if it just reduces knockback by virtue of increasing weight. That said, you haven't ruled out everything weight affects, like platforms that descend or ascend based on weight (particularly scale-like platforms). --Luigifan18 (talk) 14:03, 28 August 2018 (EDT)

Ultimate artwork[edit]

The artwork for Ultimate’s Super mushroom is on the page, so why is the Brawl art still the one in the infobox? It seems like the Ultimate art should be there.