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Dedede Cut[edit]

"King Dedede was originally intended to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros., but was cut due to time constraints."
Should this be mentioned in the article, or not? - Pokemon DP

This seems like something that would fit great in King Dedede's general article, but would seem out of place in his Brawl-specific article. -Thores 04:14, October 26, 2007 (EDT)

Flying Penguin[edit]

"Dedede has been classified as a "heavyweight," alongside Bowser and Donkey Kong, yet in spite of this he will have multiple midair jumps like Kirby." Can we get some verification for this? M Shark 18:34, November 4, 2007 (EST)

What's the big deal? he's heavyweight, and he has multiple jumps. What's not to get? - Brawlmatt202 08:51, November 5, 2007 (EST)
I get it. I never said I didn't get it. I just want to know whether it is speculation or confirmed. M Shark 17:31, November 5, 2007 (EST)
I believe that he does, since he does so in the games (like Kirby), but I suppose for the moment, it's all merely speculation. - Brawlmatt202 09:36, November 14, 2007 (EST)

In a certain screen shot, Dedede is shown puffed up, as he would when flying in Kirby games. Is it possible that he can do multiple jumps (a trait that would be unique amongst heavyweights)? The screen shot is the first picture on this:

Good enough proof, or what? --Oxico 18:43, November 27, 2007 (EST)

It is possible, but it could just as easily be a mid-air jump. The screenshot doesn't prove anything. M Shark 19:37, November 27, 2007 (EST)

Eh, fine. --Oxico 22:57, November 27, 2007 (EST)

Japanese TV commercial confirms his multi-jump ability. YouTube vid. M Shark 08:55, January 5, 2008 (EST)

Whoo! I was RIGHT!! --Oxico 13:47, January 5, 2008 (EST)

The Dojo confirms that he is heavy-weight[edit]

THe Smash Bros dojo located on nintendo's website saies on Dedede's character section that he is a member of the heavy-weight class.

Making a new section to reply to a point brought up in a previous section is pretty unnecessary; just edit whatever section you're replying to next time. Also, sign your comments with tildes! (~~~~) User:EPX2/sig 14:08, November 24, 2007 (EST)


look, just because of the fact that he will be appear in one of the firts even matchs don't make him a starter (think of falco, he appeared in a event match before being ulcoked in the multiman melle) it is likely that he will be a starter, but you were the one who say "No wiki is a place for speculation." so better wait.--Fandangox 17:12, November 29, 2007 (EST)

At least specify that it isn't at all confirmed yet.--Fandangox 17:17, November 29, 2007 (EST)
It's not confirmed, but it looks likely if he shows up in the first Event mode. What, does this mean we're not getting a Kirby unlockable? Madness. Teamrocketspy621 17:48, November 29, 2007 (EST)
Yes, I'm just saying we should state that it isn't at all confirmed (as I state above, I think he will be a starter)
I never said it was absolute that he would be a starter. There is a reason I put a question mark next to "Starter". I'm merely using logic. Darkurai 14:54, December 1, 2007 (EST)
Yes, I know sorry.--Fandangox 17:50, December 1, 2007 (EST)

I changed it to unknown. ~Crystal_Lucario 17:14, December 20, 2007 (EST)

B Move revealed?[edit]

In today's Dojo Update about Kirby's B move, Inhale, we get to see an awful lot of Kirby Hats.

One of them is King Dedede's. Now, in the screenshot, Kirby is still shown inhaling with Dedede's hat on. Seeing as how that can only happen if Dedede's B move is Inhale as well, i think Dedede's B Move is his inhaling move from the games. You know, he inhales Kirby and shoots him away with a lot of force. It sounds kind of possible to me. Dilophosaurus Rex

You took the words right out of my mouth. Should someone mention this info on the profile?--Oxico 07:02, December 20, 2007 (EST)

But... after kirby swallows you keeps going for a sec. Too much speculation... don't add. Crystal_lucario

Yeah, he may keep going for a moment after swallowing someone, but he was already wearing Dedede's hat. On top of that, I'm pretty sure he opens his mouth wider and is in a different pose for his own Inhale move. Teamrocketspy621 15:29, December 20, 2007 (EST)

...what are you talking about? This (somewhat) is clear evidence of some kind of B-Move. Pictures don't lie, expecially when they come from Sakurai. It is more than specualtion (I once again mention Mario Circuit) but a little less than fact. I say anything more than speculation is dandy. So let's put it on. All in favor of so, say I. --Oxico 15:17, December 20, 2007 (EST)

Yes it is obviously King Dedede's neutral B, we should mention that in the fighter article, but we will have to wait for more information to create King Dedede's neutral B article. (unless create one with a likely name [inhale] and say that it was confirmed in a picture and it may have the same properties of King Dedede's move in the Kirby games)--Fandangox 16:45, December 20, 2007 (EST)

Oooops I thought he like burped(ish like thing) nvrmd wht i said I~~ Crystal_lucario

No problem (also sign your post with four tildes ~~~~)--Fandangox 17:00, December 20, 2007 (EST)

Ok I was going to add it but I don't know what to say how about...

Swallow (implied)

~~~~Crystal_lucario (like that???)(new to this srry)

Almost, you have to sign without the nowiki part just like that ~~~~ I put nowiki because if I type that without the nonwiki it will automatically sign instead of show you the char you need to sign.--Fandangox 17:00, December 20, 2007 (EST)



Swallow (implied)works?

~CRYSTAL LUCARIO 17:03, December 20, 2007 (EST)

Yes. just don't create its own seperate article. Just...mayube provide a screenshot, and make sure to add some info. Matter of fact, I'll do it. Someone just provide a picture, maybe.--Oxico 17:46, December 20, 2007 (EST)


Fisrt sentence of attributes, says DDD is a STRAIGHTFORWARD character. can we change that? he is not striaght forward in any way, with multi jumps, chaingrabs, self-directed projectiles, suicide, power and weight.

I changed it to Tricky character to master


How is he a manipulated member of the subspace army? He voluntarily changed sides. The same goes for R.O.B. Solar flute (talk)

Check the DOJO update on the secrets of the SSE. It says that he unknowingly aided the Subspace Army by distracting Meta Knight, allowing the Halberd to be captured. This was covered already on this page. Miles (talk) 23:38, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

Star KO cry[edit]

is it me or does it sound like he yells "why i oughta" very slowly when i the only one noticing this?.....and if yes why isnt it in the trivia section? i think its pretty interesting

He was never a member of the Subspace Army![edit]

Mr. Sakurai said that He attacked the Halberd at the same time as Tabuu's minions did. Meta Knight couldn't repel both enemies, so he lost the Halberd. Dedede, however, learns of the Off-waves and, most likely, fled so he could build an army to counter Tabuu.Nintendofan146 (talk) 05:00, 10 April 2009 (UTC)

I agree, too bad everyone else on this wiki is too stupid to understand what Sakurai said -- 22:13, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

Huh ?[edit]

"King Dedede is the only character in the Subspace Emissary to be trophfied without being attacked by or shot with a Dark Cannon." And Mario ? Wasn't he trophfied by a bullet cannon ? I removed the sentence. Metalink187 (talk) 08:12, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

It now says that he was the only antagonistic character to trophyify someone without a Dark Cannon. What about Tabuu? And, as said, Mario with the cannonball bullet.

Better Final Smash For King Dedede[edit]

I think a lot of you were expecting King Dedede's final smash to be his Masked Dedede form from Super Star Ultra? Yeah, I think that would be a better final smash for King Dedede. Unless if I am a moron with my video game history, and KSSU came after SSBB. 18:31, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

This is not a relevant discussion for the talk page of an article. Doctor Pain 99 (CTE) Dp99.png 18:33, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

Removal of the CG list[edit]

Are you sure that's not notable? I know for sure that the Lucas and Ness infinites are notable. MegaTron1XD:p 11:57, 23 August 2011 (EDT)

As far as I know, they can't be infinited. I haven't tested anything about this yet so we should just get rid of it. Doc King (talk) 12:04, 23 August 2011 (EDT)
Dude, regardless about whether chaingrabs are legalized, King Dedede's chaingrabs significantly altered Brawl's metagame. DDD at one point was third place on the tier list because of them. Mr. Anon (talk) 12:07, 23 August 2011 (EDT)

The opening paragraph[edit]

I felt that the opening paragraph was too lengthy and I wanted to shorten it, so that's why I removed a lot of information. But I feel that we could combine a ton of the sentences in it, such as how he's impossible to KO. And the opening paragraph is really supposed to be briefly summarizing the article, and the Attributes section is supposed to go in depth. I think we could just say that he has a great down throw and then explain more about it in Attributes. Awesome Cardinal 2000 10:00, 16 March 2013 (EDT)

The intro is supposed to be describing who the character is, and their competitive standing and why they are ranked there. You can't just say "Dedede is hard to KO", you have to explain why, and Dedede's grab is more important than his d-throw to his competitive success, you can't just say "Dedede has a great chain throw" without properly explaining that his grab makes it so easy for him to get grabs. Omega Tyrant TyranitarMS.png 10:29, 16 March 2013 (EDT)
I did say that Dedede is hard to KO, but I explained why, with his good recovery and momentum canceling and his weight. And any character that doesn't have a tether grab has a grab as fast as Dedede. I think "long ranged" would be better. Awesome Cardinal 2000 11:18, 16 March 2013 (EDT)
Look at the grab frame data in Brawl. Many characters do not have a grab as fast as Dedede's, he's one of only eight characters to have all three grabs come out in under 10 frames. Omega Tyrant TyranitarMS.png 17:37, 17 March 2013 (EDT)
The whole reason I edited that paragraph was because I thought it could be shortened. I should have included an edit summary, but I accidentally hit the Save button instead. Sorry about that. Maybe I did remove some legitimate information, but we could just add that back in later. And there definitely were some sentences that could have been combined. Awesome Cardinal 2000 18:47, 17 March 2013 (EDT)


Should the chaingrab section be kept on this article or moved to the King Dedede (SSBB)/Down throw article when it's made? Scr7Wolfsig.png 04:55, 22 July 2013 (EDT)

anyone? Scr7Wolfsig.png 16:02, 18 August 2013 (EDT)

Couple things I noticed[edit]

I noticed while playing Dedede, if a character grabs him and pummels immediately, there are times where he will immediately break into a pummel release. There are also times here (15:50) and here (6:20) where the Waddle Dees/Gordos stop moving when they get near Dedede (not sure what's going on there). Awesome Cardinal 2000 18:11, 27 January 2014 (EST)