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Super Smash Bros. Slamfest '99

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The Super Smash Bros. Slamfest '99 was a livestreamed event held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 24th, 1999 at 11:30 AM meant to promote the then-upcoming release of Super Smash Bros.. The event featured a two-versus-two wrestling match between costumed versions of Mario and Yoshi against Pikachu and Donkey Kong. The costumes are the same featured in the US commercial for the game. The title of the event is also a reference to a line from the commercial.

The livestream archive of the event is considered lost. Only some content has surfaced of the event, most notably screenshots[1], summaries of the event[1][2], and an official website promoting the event. Additionally, a talking Donkey Kong plush figure from the "Nintendo Collectibles" line has been found featuring advertisements for the event.[3]


Mario and Donkey Kong would be the first to engage in a fight. Mario would be quickly knocked out by Donkey Kong. Following this, Yoshi would arrive and take out Donkey Kong, with Pikachu joining in between the fight. Pikachu would also be taken out by Yoshi. Mario suddenly got back up and managed to take everyone out. Ultimately a crash would occur that knocked everyone out, resulting in a draw. The announcer would yell "Everyone is a winner!"[1]






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