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Ultimate mains King K. Rool, Min Min
Sponsor(s) Taipan Esports
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Amateur
Additional info
Real name Samuel Felinton
Birth date (age 18)
Location West Virginia USA

TheSamFZ is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament Organizer from West Virginia, who co-mains King K. Rool and Min Min. He is most known for being the co-founder and majority owner of the esports organization Taipan Esports.

On April 3rd, 2021, TheSamFZ held his first tournament[1]. As of January 1st, 2022, TheSamFZ has hosted over 100 tournaments and distributed over $5,000 in prize pools. Out of these tournaments, his most popular series is the Taipan Smash Singles, Smash After Dark, and the Taipan Holiday Tournaments. As of November 17th, 2021, TheSamFZ became an official Trolli League tournament organizer[2].

Outside of tournament organizing, TheSamFZ has a small shout and broadcasting career. On June 11th, 2021, TheSamFZ became a streamer for the Smash Crew Server. Three months later, on September 1st, 2021, he streamed his final crew battle. Within that period, he was able to stream upwards of 100 crew battles, including a Smashcords Team Hero v.s. Team Shulk crew battle[3].

Besides Taipan Esports, TheSamFZ has also founded many other projects. Some of the more popular ones are the WV board of Esports, and the Team FZ. He also has won many awards for his young entrepreneur talent, like the ECS Young Entrepreneur of the year award.

Tournaments hosted[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Taipan Smash Singles[edit]

Tournament Date Entrants Winner Runner-up
Taipan Ultimate Singles 17Online August 2nd, 2021 52 ScottPilgrm AdrianYogi
Taipan Ultimate Singles 18Online August 9th, 2021 72 Nes-T Gman
Taipan Ultimate Singles 19Online August 16th, 2021 89 Inlajin Bray
Taipan Ultimate Singles 20Online August 23rd, 2021 82 Cobra Key
Taipan Ultimate Singles 21Online August 30th, 2021 74 Sho Ghost Aldaine
Taipan Ultimate Singles 22Online September 6th, 2021 90 Mtkat Genialo
Taipan Ultimate Singles 23Online September 13th, 2021 80 Ghost Aldaine ReZo
Taipan Ultimate Singles 24Online September 20th, 2021 84 Cobra Munchy
Taipan Ultimate Singles 25Online September 27th, 2021 41 Rax Ducky
Taipan Ultimate Singles 26Online October 4th, 2021 40 Bapple Pin
Taipan Ultimate Singles 27Online October 11th, 2021 70 Nero Gh0stly
Taipan Ultimate Singles 28Online October 18th, 2021 61 Cheery Renatoide
Taipan Ultimate Singles 29Online October 25th, 2021 123 Inlajin Mtkat
Taipan Ultimate Singles 30Online November 1st, 2021 148 Peru Mtkat
Taipan Ultimate Singles 31Online November 8th, 2021 219 Mivics Vixel
Taipan Ultimate Singles 32Online November 15th, 2021 104 Castle Br1 AV
Taipan Ultimate Singles 33Online November 22nd, 2021 100 Sonix Jake
Taipan Ultimate Singles 34Online November 29nd, 2021 68 Enhancedpv Inlajin
Taipan Ultimate Singles 35Online December 6th, 2021 118 Anality Andrik
Taipan Ultimate Singles 36Online December 13th, 2021 58 rm8 JaZaR
Taipan Ultimate Singles 37Online December 20th, 2021 63 Castle AlanDiss
Taipan Ultimate Singles 38Online December 28th, 2021 63 BeastModePaul Enhancedpv
Taipan Smash Singles 40Online Janurary 10th, 2022 92 Morris SlushieV1
Taipan Smash Singles 41Online Janurary 17th, 2022 83 Enhancedpv Space0

Taipan Holiday Tournaments[edit]

Tournament Date Entrants Winner Runner-up
The Taipan Esports FeastOnline November 25th, 2021 66 Tractor the Thot Killer Funsparce
Taipan's Festive SmashdownOnline December 25th, 2021 114 Jimmychanga rm8

Super Smash Bros. Melee singles[edit]

Taipan Smash Singles[edit]

Tournament Date Entrants Winner Runner-up
Taipan Smash Singles 40Online Janurary 10th, 2022 32 Pappi Ben
Taipan Smash Singles 41Online Janurary 17th, 2022 29 Mekk Salt


  • TheSamFZ also hosts Rocket League and Valorant tournaments for Taipan Esports.
  • TheSamFZ is also a current contributor for the SmashWiki and Liquipedia.
  • The first two tournaments TheSamFZ ran were private tournaments exclusive to Taipan Esports sponsored players and crew members.
  • TheSamFZ also has released and published Teenager Business [4], a book on basics of entrepreneurship.


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