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Kopter "Fabz"
Ultimate main Young Link
SSB4 main Pac-Man
Sponsor(s) Reason eSports
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro-am
Additional info
Real name Fabian Arlington
Location London England

Kopter, more commonly known by his nickname Fabz, is a content creator and commentator from the United Kingdom, also briefly residing in California in 2019.

Kopter had been an active member of the Smash community since Smash 4, playing Pac-Man in brackets to reasonable success within England, though he would be best known for his personality, kickstarting many of the UK's crowd chants at events such as Albion 3, while amassing a large following on Twitter. Progressing into Ultimate, Kopter competed internationally until the lockdown period, but upon the return of offline Smash he would focus on attending events as a spectator to act as ringleader for the crowd and further expand his online following as he started to branch into streaming and YouTube content, networking with top players and commentators while continuing to attend European and American majors such as VCA 2021 and Super Smash Con 2022 as a spectator.

In the present day, Kopter is an active Rivals of Aether player with success, and has risen to become one of the UK's most notable commentators. He has casted at major UK events such as Regen 2022, DAT BlastZone 32 and BOSS BATTLES: For Glory, and has also commentated Rivals of Aether events in the USA on VGBootCamp.

Kopter was sponsored by Reason eSports in early 2021[1] in a streaming and content capacity, contributing to his high attendance at North American majors in 2022 where he notably made viral video tweets with top players such as Hungrybox.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
DAT BlastZone 28 December 22nd, 2018 65th
GENESIS 6 February 1st, 2019 513th
2GG: Prime Saga April 13, 2019 129th
The Kid, the Goat, and the Mang0 June 8th, 2019 33rd
Bailrigg 8 June 22nd, 2019 33rd
Albion 4 July 6th, 2019 513th
BIG LAB September 21st, 2019 25th
Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 October 5th, 2019 193rd
North East Smash Arena 4 October 12th, 2019 33rd
Syndicate 2019 October 25th-27th, 2019 257th
Let's Make Big Moves January 3rd-5th, 2020 193rd
Valhalla III January 9th, 2020 129th
CEO Dreamland 2020 March 13th, 2020 193rd
Let's Make Big Moves 2022 January 8th, 2022 193rd
GENESIS 8 April 15th, 2022 1025th
NFC: Nexus Fighting Championship August 6th, 2022 49th



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