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This article is about the Portuguese player. For the Hawaiian player, see Smasher:daze (Hawaii).
Character info
Smash 4 main Mewtwo
Other Smash 4 characters Bayonetta, Corrin, Robin
Ultimate main Donkey Kong
Other Ultimate characters King K. Rool, Palutena, Bowser
Rankings and results info
Most recent ranking Super Smash Bros. 4 Portuguese Power Rankings: 19th
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Portuguese Power Rankings: 2nd
Personal and other info
Real name Diogo Vieira
Birth date (age 26)
Location Braga, Região do Norte Portugal

Daze is a Donkey Kong main from Portugal, considered the best in his region and overall second in Portugal. He is currently ranked 1st in Porto and 2nd on the 2019 Portuguese Power Rankings. He is known to have a vast knowledge of the game and to excel with many different characters.

In Smash 4, he was a Mewtwo main and was ranked 19th on the final SSB4 Rankings.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash na Invicta #1 1st
Ascension Portugal 1 April 5th, 2016 5th
Ascension Portugal 2 1st 1st Daiki
SBPT Invitational 2016 April 23rd, 2016 3rd
Broken Controllers May 14th, 2016 1st 1st Daiki
Ascension Portugal 3 June 7th, 2016 1st
Central Comics Smash July 23rd, 2016 1st
Smash na Invicta #3 August 6th, 2016 1st
Ascension Portugal 4 September 3rd, 2016 1st 1st NGFC
Lockdown 2016 September 10th-11th, 2016 3rd 5th Daiki
SmashIA OPO 2016 October 8th, 2016 1st
Comic Con Portugal 2016 December 10th, 2016 1st
Independence #1 January 28th, 2017 1st
Smash na Invicta #4 February, 25th 2017 5th

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash Na Invicta 15 January 26th, 2019 1st
Ascension 14 March 16th, 2019 1st
Ascension 15 April 6th, 2019 1st
Smash Na Invicta 19 April 20th, 2019 1st
Smash Na Invicta 20 May 11th, 2019 1st
Smash Na Invicta 21 June 1st, 2019 1st
Smash Na Invicta 22 June 22nd, 2019 1st
Smash Na Invicta 23 July 13th, 2019 1st
Smash Na Invicta 24 August 10th, 2019 1st
Bracara Fight Club 1 September 7th, 2019 1st 3rd Daiki
Smash Na Invicta 26 September 14th, 2019 1st
Bracara Fight Club 2 September 21st, 2019 1st
Smash Na Invicta 30 November 30th, 2019 1st
Uprise 2020 February 15th, 2020 17th

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