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Shulk (SSB4)/Up special/Default

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This article is about the hitbox visualization in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the move itself, see Air Slash.
Hitbox visualization showing Air Slash's first hit.
Hitbox visualization showing Air Slash's second hit.


Shulk's up special in SSB4 is Air Slash, a two-hit attack that serves as his main recovery move. The first hit is a rising slash that carries Shulk upward a decent distance, similar to Marth and Lucina's Dolphin Slash. The optional second hit, performed by pressing the Special button after the first hit, is a wide outward slash that provides a small diagonal boost; the input for this can be delayed slightly to give Shulk a small extra horizontal boost, possibly letting him grab a ledge when he normally couldn't. The first hit has set knockback that leads into the second hit, which has decent horizontal knockback that can KO offstage, especially with the Smash Art active. The vertical boost is also affected by Arts, making it a much better recovery move with Jump, but somewhat worse with Shield.

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