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Shulk (SSB4)/Down special/Default

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This article is about the hitbox visualization in Super Smash Bros. 4. For the move itself, see Vision.
Hitbox visualization showing Vision's counter bubble.
Hitbox visualization showing Vision's front hit.
Hitbox visualization showing Vision's back hit.


Shulk's down special in SSB4 is Vision, a counterattack. Like other counters, Shulk assumes a defensive pose when the move is used; this pose has him duck slightly, possibly allowing him to dodge certain moves. If Shulk is struck when Vision is active, the attacker will be temporarily slowed down, and Shulk will retaliate with a long-ranged, unblockable Monado slash. If the control stick is inputted in the direction Shulk is attacked from, he will unleash a faster and stronger counterattack that launches opponents behind him, but with slightly less range. Unlike most counters in the game, it is not instant, so the can opponent can still move (albeit very slowly), and potentially dodge if used in the air. It also does not slow down opponents if Shulk is hit by a projectile.

This move is notable for having the longest counter window in SSB4; this makes it common for opponents to be tricked into hitting Shulk during Vision's last active frames. However, this window gets shorter if the move is used repeatedly, discouraging spam.

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