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Shake glitch

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The shake glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in which characters get stuck in the scenery and shake rapidly up and down.


  • Corneria: the area immediately above the laser cannons on the bottom of the Great Fox.
  • Rumble Falls: the small cave above where the airplane spawns, where the upper ledge and cave meet.


The shake glitch in Corneria is performable with only four characters, and there are two different methods of performing the glitch.

Using Snake[edit]

Snake using the shake glitch in Brawl.

Snake uses Cypher to get into the correct place. The only way he can end this is by fast falling or by being attacked by the laser cannons. It is also possible for Snake to go through the ship. It is easiest to do it (and possibly the only way to do it) if he is slowed, whether by 1/2 or 1/4 speed in training mode or slowed down by the Timer. He has to aim to go through the cannon just at the part where the cannons meet the ship. They should go straight up through the cannons like normal, but if they continue holding in towards the ship, it is possible to go right through it and even land back on top. Snake cannot get stuck in the ship, as he just falls out of the ship when he loses his Cypher.

Using Landmaster[edit]

Fox using the shake glitch in Brawl.

Any of the three space animals can fly their Landmaster into the correct place. They can end it by either waiting until the Final Smash is over and the Landmaster disappears or by jumping.