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The pseudo-jump is an attribute that some special moves have. It will lift the user up slightly while airborne, but will only do so once before touching the ground again.

List of pseudo-jumps[edit]

Technical information[edit]

Upon landing, the flag for the pseudo-jump lift effect is reset, so the next time the move is used, it will lift the user again (and set the flag to 0 again). If a character has more than one move with pseudo-jump properties, each of them has its own flag, yet all flags are reset upon landing.

However, not every way of transitioning from air to ground is flagged as landing, as far as the pseudo-jump flag is concerned.

These ways of landing do refresh the flag:

  • Landing – the generic landing animation from empty jumps, including auto-cancels
  • LandingFallSpecial (LFS) – the landing animation from air dodges (thus including wavedash and wavelanding) and some specials (mostly up specials)
  • Landing after any pseudo-jumping move

These ways of landing do not refresh the flag:

  • LandingAir – all landing animations from aerial landing attacks (AttackAir*), regardless of whether they are L-canceled or not
  • Most special moves that don't go into Landing or LandingFallSpecial upon touching the ground.[1]