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Jigglypuff (SSB4)/Neutral attack

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Jigglypuff punches twice in front of itself, in a manner which appears to resemble the Pokémon move Double Slap. It is a short ranged but reasonably fast attack which can be used for a speedy punish. While it is Jigglypuff's fastest ground attack, it suffers from a few shortcomings. Firstly, it is the joint second weakest Jab attack in the game, tied with Villager, dealing just 6% damage if both hits connect. However, unlike Villager's Jab, it can never combo into itself at any percent due to not behaving like a rapid Jab. Finally, the first hit has the least range of all of Jigglypuff's ground attacks, along with Up Tilt, although its second hit is roughly on par with forward tilt, due to the hitbox being disjointed and positioned slightly further away from Jigglypuff.

Despite this, it has many uses. The first Jab can followup into a grab, as well as a Dash Attack, with the latter being able to KO near the edge of the stage at higher percents. These both work for a large range of percents on many characters, although some fastfallers can shield after the first Jab, and the opponent can escape the followups by jumping out. In addition, Jigglypuff can follow a Jab by a perfect pivot Up Tilt on some characters. The second Jab can also followup into a Dash Attack, although this is less reliable due to the second Jab's later FAF.

Hitbox Data[edit]

For the technical data of each individual hit, see: