Cloud (SSB4)/Down throw

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Hitbox visualization showing Cloud's down throw.


Cloud forcefully slams his opponent on the ground with his left hand. It can lead into various grounded moves if the opponent has a low percent, such as Cross Slash, Jab, and Forward Tilt. When the opponent has a higher percent, Cloud can run behind him and perform a short hop Neutral Aerial. However, this is only guaranteed for a small percent window without Limit. Surprisingly, this is also his strongest throw at the ledge. However, Cloud must be facing the center of the stage, and it cannot KO middleweights until around 210%.

The animation resembles a simplified version of the Meteor Strike Limit Break used by Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy VII.


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Hitbox type Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling Fixed knockback value Weight dependent
Throw 7% 122° 40 110 Yes

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