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SSB4 (3DS) main Pit
Melee main Luigi
SSB64 main Luigi
Project M main Sonic
Skill Other Semi-Professional
Additional info
Real name Rohan Baird
Birth date (age 25)
Location Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Hey guys, this is Star here. I'm currently trying to fix up the Australian section of the Smash Wiki. I've been part of the scene since December 2013 and I've attended 6 offline tournaments so far and many meets. I'm planning to travel to Melbourne early in 2015 to attend some tournaments there and see friends there that I've made through the Netplay Group.

My History with Smash

I've been playing Smash Bros. since 2008 where I started with Smash 64 on an emulator after playing fan made flash games based on the series, funnily enough. After a while I branched out into Melee then Brawl when I finally got a Wii in 2009. My true love for the smash series began, however, when I picked up Project M in mid-2013. I loved all the changes that the game made and it was a beautiful, balanced, fun game for me and my friends to play. I discovered my local smash scene in December of that year and attended my first tournament in January of 2014. I later picked up Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and I continue to play those games competitively alongside Project M.

I like to think that I've that I'm a well known person in the community; I'm an active member on the forums and I run the Australian Netplay Group which has over 140 members. I've been to many meets around New South Wales and I hope to attend some when I travel to Melbourne in 2015. I really love the community and I've made some great friends through this wonderful series. I might eventually get a smasher page for myself as well so my results will be there for everyone to see.

My Project on the Wiki

The Australian section of the Smash Wiki hasn't been updated since late 2008, I've decided to revamp this and update it with all new information and relevant players and tournaments to our scene.

What I've done...

  • Moved all In-active Smashers that have pages to their own section.
  • Made 2 new smasher pages.
  • Made 1 new tournament page.

I plan to...

  • Edit the Australian Smash Circuit page with a full, comprehensive history of the scene and future tournaments.
  • Create pages for all notable smashers around Australia and update previous ones. This also includes crews.
  • Create pages for all notable major tournaments and series that occur within Australia.
  • Maintain a constant stream of updates to the pages to ensure that we don't end up with the out of date problem that we had previously.

Thanks guys, if you want to help me out with my project then please send me a message on my SmashBoards profile.

External links

Oceanic Netplay Group: A group I moderate.