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Inspired by a game located on an external forum. Participants are given a link to a Super Power Wiki, which gives them a random super power.

The alignments are decided on one's personality and participation, amongst other factors.

This is currently discontinued. Sorry.

User Superpower Explanation Speculated Alignment Known users
The Penguin of Death Energy Physiology Allows owner to have "characteristics of pure energy", which can give rise to superhuman strength and supersonic speeds, among other, similar powers Lawful Good Lantern Corps (DC Comics); Living Laser (Marvel); Zoah (Sonic the Hedgehog: The Dark Brotherhood)
The Wiji Dodo Flower Manipulation Allows owner to have control over how flowers grow, giving rise to the ability to form weapons out of flowers, ability to form monstrous plants, and utilise solar radiation to one's advantage. Chaotic Neutral Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts); Daisy (Super Mario Bros.); Ivysaur/Venusaur (Pokémon)
The Toast of the Coast Life-Force Manipulation Allows owner to manipulate and take control of any and all "essence of life" within the known universe. Can allow for control of organic matter, ability to amplify one's strength from assistance of the universe, and even immortality if used properly Lawful Good Lucario (Pokémon); Son Goku (Dragon Ball); Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat)
The Daemon of Ray Musical Empathy Allows owner to obtain superpowers from music; actual power varies on the music he or she is listening to. By extension, allows user to gain powers from playing music through any methods possible. Actual powers can vary on type of music. Neutral Good Hurdy (Final Fantasy Tactics); Link (The Legend of Zelda); The Elite Beat Agents (Elite Beat Agents)
The Fiery Falcon Peak Human Reflexes Allows owner to have heightened (albeit not superhuman) reflexes, allowing for the ability to catch arrows in midair, avoid punches and kicks from others, and even dodge bullets in midair. Chaotic Neutral BATMAN (DC Comics); Deadpool (Marvel); Captain America (Marvel)
The Sun's Dragon Alien Physiology Allows owner to mimic and/or shapeshift into any extraterrestrial being they have seen; by extension, owners have the ability to utilise any powers that an extraterrestrial being might have (such as corrosive blood, telekinesis, etc.) Chaotic Good Deoxys (Pokémon); Sarah Kerrigan (StarCraft); Superman (DC Comics)
The Mega One Time Manipulation Allows owner to control the flow of time; low-level users can slow it down or speed it up, as well as temporarily stop it. High-level users can stop it for as long as needed, and even reverse and loop time with proper coordination. Neutral Good Dialga (Pokémon); Hiro Nakamura (Heroes); Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe)
The Beefcake Elite Electronic Disruption Allows owner to neutralise, paralyse, or otherwise cause electronic devices to stop working. In addition, use of such powers can permanently destroy some electronics, similar to an EMP. Can also manipulate electronic signals, such as those used in communications devices. Lawful Good Samus Aran (Metroid); Red X (Teen Titans); Silver Surfer (Marvel)
The Frigid Air Razor Wind Allows owner to focus the air around them to form blades with the medium. While primarily meant for slashing damage, applications can allow for immaterial bullets or other methods of damage. Proper use can also allow other objects to be formed into blades, such as soil and water. Lawful Neutral Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog); Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden); Amidamaru (Shaman King)
The Transcendent Centrifugal Force Manipulation Allows owner to manipulate speed at which objects can spin. Further applications include spinning various media to ones advantage, such as creating sand storms with sand or tornados of varying intensity with the air, and even potentially modifying the trajectory of varying projectiles. Lawful Neutral Yoda (Star Wars); Giolio Comanche (Fullmetal Alchemist); Thor (Marvel)
The Boss Rainbow Manipulation Allows owner to summon rainbows wherever he or she goes. Aforementioned rainbows can be infused with powers, or merely just for show. By extension, owner can also bend the path of light around them, allowing for potentially interesting optical illusions, such as giving partial invisibility, or creating "false" images. Neutral Good Rainicorn (Adventure Time); Hazama (BlazBlue); Rainbow Knight (Castle Crashers)
The Blue Lightning Enhanced Jump Allows owner to have extreme jumping prowess, attaining high heights and long distances. By extension, can allow for high-powered stomps, and, due to extreme power of legs, particularly good dexterity and balance. Does not allow for "flying", though it can give the illusion of doing so. True Neutral Mario & Luigi (Super Mario Bros.); Spiderman (Marvel); Sanji (One Piece)
The Avenging Bandit Nigh-Omnicence Allows owner to have the ability to know almost any fact or bit of information in the universe; however, there can exist limitations on how much one knows, such as being limited to one dimension and/or universe, or simply having important parts of information being "blocked". Chaotic Neutral The Watchers (Marvel); Lucifer (Dante's Inferno); Big Brain (Futurama)
The 99th Doctor of Pain Peak Human Intelligence Allows owner to operate their brain at a considerably higher efficiency than seen in other humans. While an obvious application is allowing for increased comprehension and creativity skills, other applications can allow for improved learning of abilities (such as martial arts), or allowing the brain to improve, speed up, slow down, or perform similar alterations to processes of the body, such as digestion, balance, and release of hormones. Chaotic Good Nightwing (Batman); Iron Man (Marvel); Terumi Yuuki (BlazBlue)
The 48th Reaper of Havoc Psychic Shield Allows owner to have complete immunity to any and all psionic and/or psychic powers, such as mind control, mind reading, forcibly induced catatonia and similar attacks. Attempts to do so can result in "static" from mind readers, and even potential backfiring of such attacks, such as causing mental illusions to afflict the attacker instead of the potential victim. Applied use can lead to shields for teammates. Lawful Good Fry (Futurama); Bane (DC Comics); Maury Parkman (Heroes)
The Tenth Son of Roy War Empowerment Allows owner to develop stronger and stronger powers depending on the human conflict around them; while petty arguments and barfights can easily give power, the strongest boosts come from the strongest human conflicts; war, the ultimate culmination of human conflict, gives the greatest boost, and such wielders of the power can become unstoppable juggernauts. Powers are generally based around destruction, such as fire powers and remote explosions. Lawful Neutral Andariel (Diablo); Ares (Greek mythology); Khorne (Warhammer 40k series)