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Mariofan13 "Mariofan13"
SSB4 mains Ike, Zero Suit Samus, Roy
Brawl mains Ike, Link
Skill Other advanced hobby player or competitive beginner :D
Additional info
Birth date (age 24)
NNID Mariofan13
3DS Code 1161-0764-1620
Location Vienna Austria

New Move ideas

I made this section to show you my Ideas about new characters and new moves for the next Smash game :-)

SSB5 Newcomer Ideas

  • Fawful
    • For hs side special he can use Mechawfuls
    • His up special can be flying up with his vacuum helmet
    • He can throw beans as an attack
    • His final asmash can be something with the Dark Star
    • His crazy laughing can be his down special, it can be a counterattack to paralyze the foe o
  • Petey Piranha
    • Can chomp, but his chomp is much stronger than Wario's
    • can use a ground pound attack like Bowser bomb as special-down move
    • he can spit goop at foes
    • his side special or side smash can be an attack with vines
    • For his final smash he can make hundreds of Piranha Plants appear from goop or he can cover the whole stage with goop...

Characters who should be luigified

  • Dr. Mario
  • Change he uses his stethoscope for grabbing
  • Change different throw animation when throwing megavitamins
  • Change throws viruses like Olimar does it with Pikmins.
  • Change new final smash, his current is too much like Mario's
  • Change an attack using a scalpell or dentist's drill.
  • Ganondorf
  • Change entirely new moveset which includes attacks from the Zelda series and his sword.