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Team YP is the esports branch of pornography site YouPorn, with teams in Dota 2 and Super Smash Bros. The team expanded into Melee when they picked up Melee Ganondorf player Bizzarro Flame on June 8, 2015, and they later expanded into Smash 4 by signing Captain Falcon player Fatality on June 17, 2017.


VGBootCamp president GimR released a statement that stated Bizarro Flame's tag would not include "Team YP" at the Salty Suite of EVO 2015, as VGBootCamp felt that the sexual nature of the Team YP tag would be inappropriate in their stream that could be viewed by younger audiences. VGBootCamp came under criticism for the statement, as many players felt "Team YP" did not immediately imply sexual content, and preventing all viewers from knowing Bizzarro Flame's sponsor would be unfair to the company, as they had financed him. Furthermore, Team YP was considered a legitimate sponsor, no different from other sponsors, creating an unfair double standard. While Bizzaro Flame took part in the main tournament using his full tag, he refused to take part in a long-awaited money match between himself and rival Ganondorf player Kage as long as he was not allowed to use his full tag in it. After CLASH Tournaments, a rival streaming group, stated they would try streaming the match instead, VGBootCamp relented and allowed Bizarro Flame to include "Team YP" in his tag on their Salty Suite stream.

The controversy over Team YP's origins as a pornography website was later referenced by the sponsor itself during EVO 2017. In response to news that children's television channel Disney XD would broadcast the top 8 of EVO 2017's Smash 4 event, Team YP farcically referred to itself as Team Yummy Pepperoni for the tournament.

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