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The Pro Impact Players from left to right, JIN, MICH, RJM

The Pro Impact Players are a three-person retired Super Smash Bros. Melee crew from Calgary, Alberta, Canada composed of the following three members:

Through the efforts of crew member RJM, the Pro Impact Players became well-known amongst local smashers as acting hosts of Pro Impact BI-WEEKLY Smash, the first regular competitive Melee tournaments in the city. The crew's members were active during this time and as the strength of the community grew, the cohesion of the Pro Impact Players as a crew curiously began to drop.

Their final performance would come competing at the last major SSBM tournament in Canada, At Melee's End - Pro Impact CCSC Championship, where MICH and RJM played in doubles and crew battles. JIN did not attend and Pro Impact BI-WEEKLY Smash was discontinued formally with "Pro Impact Final Smash" in February 2008.

Pro Impact BI-WEEKLY Smash[edit]

In an effort to breathe some life into a desolate Smash Bros. community in Calgary, Alberta, the Pro Impact Players began hosting bi-weekly tournaments on October 22nd, 2006.

For each bi-weekly tournament, highlight reels of the best footage were compiled in a brief visual summary of the day's events and uploaded to the internet. Additionally, several matches from said tournaments were also made available for viewing. This would continue off and on as the bi-weekly tournaments began to grow in popularity. However, as they would grow more popular, so too would the workload required to keep the uploads consistent. This, coupled with unforeseen technical issues, saw a dramatic and regrettable reduction in the output of highlight reels and match uploads during one of the healthiest times in the local smash community for the fourth quarter of 2007.

At Melee's End - Pro Impact CCSC Championship[edit]

After attending Lanowen's TransCanada Tournament in Toronto, RJM embarked on a challenging project to host a follow-up tournament open to players all across Canada, the United States and anyone else willing to make the distance. On August 5th of 2007, he announced At Melee's End - Pro Impact CCSC Championship, an event that would both put Calgary's community on the national stage for the first time, as well as mark a suitable farewell to Super Smash Bros. Melee with the onset of Brawl's release.

The event was slated to be a two-day affair and was advertised well at SmashBoards, drawing interest from many American and Canadian players alike including Eggz, pkmvodka, Delphiki and more.

Ultimately, attendance was lower than anticipated and all of the confirmed American players cancelled at the last minute, in addition to a number of local Canadian players. Nevertheless, the tournament was a success for the community and brought some of the best smashers from across the country together to finally settle a few regional rivalries and long-awaited money matches that had been brewing since the tournament's announcement.

Selected Videography[edit]

For the full videography of the Pro Impact Players, see Pro Impact Players/Videography.

Two Climbers, Two Hands

An Ice Climbers video tutorial featuring MICH, demonstrating continuous desynch, various unorthodox methods of desynching and briefly covers the only three things that you cannot desynch out of. The video assumes that you already have a grasp of basic Ice Climbers desynch and some of the more advanced Smash techniques in general.

Original Post - contains links to view the video, written addendum and Ice Climbers community reception.

The Luigi Getting Combo'd Video

A video driven to entertain, this production features combat footage of Luigi encountering each character briefly as a victim of their relentless assault. The music for the film is a remixed version of "Man of Constant Sorrow" by the Soggy Bottom Boys with gameplay featuring RJM and MICH.

Original Post - contains link to view and download the video

Head Grenade

A Luigi combo video starring RJM with gameplay from four months of friendlies footage. The music used is a fast-paced heavy instrumental track called "Mahogany Head Grenade" from "lidpeeler," an independent artist from

Original Post - contains links to view and download the video.

Ten Million Damage

A 16-minute crew combo video featuring the Pro Impact Players. It has three distinct "chapters" for Link, Luigi and the Ice Climbers. It features music by Colin James, Joe Satriani, Franky B, Foreigner and more.

Original Post - contains links to download the video.

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