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Uhh, yeah, don't do that again. Anyway, the series of games that are compatable with R.O.B. is officially known as the "Robot series" Proof? Check the botton left corner of this boxart: [1] - BattleFranky202 21:40, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

Wow, you're right! --Smash-jay (talk) 19:04, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

Trophy list/gallery[edit]

...uh, is it really necessary? No other universe page has it. (I know R.O.B. as a universe doesn't have a category of trophies in Brawl's sorting system, but still.) Miles (talk) 21:07, 8 February 2011 (ET)

Actually, I've been gradually these lists to universe pages that don't have a corresponding List of trophies page (because they're not sorted out by the in-game system) for a while now. This is just (by far) the longest list.
[And for this page in particular, it's especially necessary since the R.O.B. trophies aren't just not-adjacent, but actively split across multiple categories.] - Reboot (talk) 21:14, 8 February 2011 (EST)

Mario universe[edit]

Should ROB universe be considered similar to the Mario, DK, Yoshi and Wario universe since hes made so many appearances in them? --TheLegendaryKRB (talk) 11:19, 31 December 2013 (EST)

What do you mean "so many"? R.O.B. has only made one appearance in a Mario series game (Mario Kart DS). Scr7Scr7 sig.png(talk · contribs) 11:26, 31 December 2013 (EST)

Robot Universe[edit]

I think it should be renamed Robot universe since in the Super Smash Bros series article it is called Robot --TheLegendaryKRB (talk) 22:02, 23 January 2014 (EST)

Personally, I agree, and wish everything here went by their Japanese-romaji name first. Sadly, not gonna happen.Jarie Suicune (talk) 15:22, 1 October 2014 (EDT)
Don't reply to 9-month-old comments. Also, we use the NA names here as the official names, so we keep it as the R.O.B. Universe. Rtzxy SmashSig.jpeg Smashing! 15:24, 1 October 2014 (EDT)
The last comment seems to be implying that "R.O.B. universe" is an official name in the North American version. Is this the case? In the PAL version, the trophy gallery lists it as "Robot Series"; what does the North American version list it as? --SnorlaxMonster 08:34, 11 October 2014 (EDT)


there's a new R.O.B. logo here here I can't seem to download it correctly through, so someone else will have to add it. —Preceding unsigned comment added by BubzieBobkat (talkcontribs) 07:43, 13 June 2018 (EDT)

I don't know where you see a difference; that R.O.B. logo is the same it's always been. Also, remember to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~) Awesomelink234, the Super Cool Sonic Fan Leave a message if needed 08:40, 13 June 2018 (EDT)
I mean on the Smash Website, sorry for the confusion