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Since we merged the Namco music with the PAC-MAN music, perhaps we should do the same with the Ice Climber, Duck Hunt, and Monster Hunter Music, as well as rename it to Other music, just like the official game. Ma321 (talk) 19:53, 9 January 2019 (EST)

Attack (Soma Bringer) theme[edit]

So I was listening to music from Soma Bringer, and then I noticed something: The version in Wii U sounds a lot different than the one in Ultimate. Here's a comparison:

Wii U version:

Ultimate version:

Should we point this out in the theme's section? SuperSmashTurtles (talk) 00:37, July 25, 2019 (EDT)

MEGALOVANIA references[edit]

One of the song's leitmotifs is similar to Heartache, but the snippet is specifically referencing ASGORE. ASGORE and Heartache share most of this sequence of notes, but Heartache has a different rhythm. I will edit to reflect this. Let me know if you disagree. Designless Square (talk) 17:03, September 5, 2019 (EDT)

Ah, I didn't see this before I made my edit. Mm, I don't think it's ASGORE; even if it has a different rhythm, it's the melody that counts more, and it's more thematically consistent to be Heartache since the snippets are of characters who share important relationships with Sans (Toriel and Papyrus). I also mention in the edit that in both cases it's meant to reflect the character being related to Toriel (Asgore being her ex-husband, Sans being her current partner). ~ Serena Strawberry (talk) 21:15, September 5, 2019 (EDT)
I went ahead and added that it's Heartache, but sounds similar to the way Heartache appears within ASGORE. ~ Serena Strawberry (talk) 21:21, September 5, 2019 (EDT)