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Squirtle (SSBU)/Side special

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Hitbox visualization showing Squirtle's side special, Withdraw.
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ID Part Damage SD Angle BK KS FKV Radius Bone Offset SDIx FFx T% Clang Rebound Type Effect G A Sound Direct Rehit rate
0 0 8.0% 0 AngleIcon45.png 75 60 0 2.5 bust 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0x 1.0x 0% HitboxTableIcon(NoClang).png HitboxTableIcon(NoRebound).png TypeIcon(Body).png EffectIcon(Normal).png HitboxTableIcon(GroundedTrue).png HitboxTableIcon(AerialTrue).png L Squirtle Shell SpecialsDirect.png 60
The hitbox is a circular extended hitbox and cannot interpolate.