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sno "sn0w"
Character info
Smash 4 main Marth
Ultimate main Sora
Other Ultimate characters Hero, Joker
Rankings and results info
Most recent ranking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edmonton Power Rankings: 6th
Personal info
Real name Matthew Shim
Location Edmonton, Alberta Canada

sno, formerly sn0w, is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sora player with a Hero secondary. He is currently ranked 8th on the Edmonton Power Rankings and has wins over Captain L, Lemmon, Len, Marf, Canakrn, Nurse, Scubbss, and Snickeldorf.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Randall City July 22nd-23rd, 2017 9th 9th Shoghi
Cascade November 25th, 2017 17th
UBC Cup 2018 February 17th, 2018 13th
Cascade 2 July 28th, 2018 17th 7th Duwang
Dairantou 8 November 25th, 2018 9th 2nd Captain L

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
The Pinnacle 2018 December 28th-29th, 2018 65th 17th Len
For Glory: SmUsh vs. Ultimate January 5th, 2019 25th
Arc Spring 2019 May 25th, 2019 7th 1st Strike
Randall City 2 June 22nd-23rd, 2019 7th 9th Chaizord
The Pinnacle 2019 July 5th-7th, 2019 17th 3rd Duwang
VORTEX July 20th-21st, 2019 33rd 7th Chaizord
YEG OPEN 2019 September 13th-14th, 2019 9th 13th SuperLoli
Play With Heart November 30th-December 1st, 2019 25th 17th Len
Pinnacle 2021 October 8th-10th, 2021 33rd 13th aMac
Vancouver Battle Royale: Resurrection April 23rd-24th, 2022 13th 2nd Ludo
GrandSlam 5: Gaming For Josh May 15th, 2022 9th 4th pacstreet
Battle of BC 4 June 10th-12th, 2022 49th 13th Ludo
Grandslam 6 July 17th, 2022 7th 7th embo_z
Heroes VS Villains 2022 August 6th, 2022 13th
GrandSlam 7 September 11th, 2022 5th 7th embo_z
GrandSlam 8 November 6th, 2022 13th 5th Len
GrandSlam 9 December 11th, 2022 13th 7th Captain L
GrandSlam 10 January 15th, 2023 17th
Battle of BC 5 May 19th-21st, 2023 65th

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