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Raynex "Rayn"
Character info
Melee main Fox
Other Melee characters Marth, Mewtwo
Personal and other info
Real name Bernard Mafei
Birth date (age 34)
Location Toronto Canada

Raynex is a Super Smash Bros. Melee player from Toronto, Canada, and one of the founding members of the East Coast Canadian community. He is known as one of the country's premiere Fox players, and was a fixture in the North American competitive scene between 2007-2018.


Raynex has been involved in grassroots communities since his youth. He entered his first tournament at 16 years old, after finding an ad through the international community forum, Smashboards. For the next 2 years, he would attend local tournaments at community centers and schools in Toronto, with highschool friend Ryan Ford not far behind. After 2 years honing his skills, he set his sights on what lay beyond Canada, competing in New York, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Michigan, Pittsburg, Baltimore, and Kansas - all before turning 22. Raynex's experiences travelling abroad not only lead him to numerous tournament wins at home, but brought experience and perspective that invigorated the Toronto community. Now a top player, with world-class doubles teammate Ryan Ford and Sheik pioneer KirbyKaze as training partners, the rest of North America began to wake up to the talent coming out of the frigid North.

Raynex was the first-ever dual-sponsored fighting game player in Canada, competing in SSBM and Street Fighter simultaneously at events. He has accumulated some notable tournament wins in his career, including sets over Hungrybox, N0ne, Moky, Kage, KoreanDJ, KirbyKaze, and Colbol. In SSBM, Raynex peaked at #1 in Canada and 51st on the SSBM World Rankings (2014). Ryan Ford (aka Unknown522) and Raynex are also considered one of the best Canadian 2v2 pairings of all time, being one of the first teams from the country to place top 8 at an international major.


Raynex no longer competes professionally, but is still a fixture in the smash and fighting game communities.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
TransCanada Tournament June 30th-July 1st, 2007 9th
Pound 3 February 2nd-3rd, 2008 81st 9th Ryan Ford
Combo Breaker May 11th, 2008 1st
TGMTSBCO June 7th-8th, 2008 17th 9th Ryan Ford
Event 52: Kansas October 18th-19th 2008 4th 5th Europhoria
Mass Madness 14 January 2009 3rd
Starfurry 3 February 21st, 2009 4th 2nd Ryan Ford
Revival of Melee March 7th-8th, 2009 17th 13th Ryan Ford
Starfurry 5 May 2nd, 2009 1st 3rd Ryan Ford
Revival of Melee 2 November 21st-22nd, 2009 9th 9th Ryan Ford
New Bark Town December 12th, 2009 1st 1st Ryan Ford
Pound 4 January 16th-18th, 2010 33rd 13th Ryan Ford
PWG - LBT2 Unity February 6th, 2010 2nd 1st Ryan Ford
Apex 2010 August 6th-8th, 2010 17th 5th Ryan Ford
Pound V February 19th-21st, 2011 25th 9th Ryan Ford
The Big House October 22nd, 2011 7th 2nd Ryan Ford
IMPULSE June 30th-July 1st, 2012 9th 4th Ryan Ford
McSmashter 3 January 22nd-27th, 2014 5th 1st Europhoria
Revival of Melee 7 March 8th-9th, 2014 17th
Get On My Level 2014 May 10th-11th, 2014 9th 4th Riddlebox
Super SWEET June 7th-8th, 2014 7th 3rd KirbyKaze
The Big House 4 October 4th-5th, 2014 25th
The Come Up December 6th-7th, 2014 5th 2nd KirbyKaze
Nickel City Smash 8 February 8th, 2015 1st 1st Menard
McSmashter 4 February 21st-22nd, 2015 5th 5th n0ne
Super Nebulous 3 April 25th-26th, 2015 17th 9th Coffeeblack
Enthusiast Gaming Live May 16th-17th, 2015 3rd 1st Ryan Ford
Get On My Level 2015 May 30th-31st, 2015 9th 3rd Ryan Ford
EXP 2015 July 4th-5th, 2015 13th 2nd Ryan Ford
Summit 2015 August 15th-16th, 2015 5th 1st Ryan Ford
Canada Cup 2015 October 30th-31st, 2015 7th 2nd Ryan Ford
Get On My Level 2016 May 20th-22nd, 2016 7th Ryan Ford
Well Played Toronto Monthly June 18th, 2016 4th 1st Ryan Ford
SWEET 27: A Super Smash Bros. Melee Event March 11th, 2017 9th 25th KirbyKaze
Nickel City Smash 17 May 6th, 2017 1st 1st JOATguy
Saints Gaming Live June 10th-11th, 2017 17th 5th Ryan Ford

Project M[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Nickel City Smash 8 February 8th, 2015 1st
Nickel City Smash 17 May 6th, 2017 1st