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Melee main Young Link
Other Melee
Project M main Toon Link
Crew(s) Tryneknekkerne
Skill Super Smash Bros. Melee Pro-amateur
Additional info
Real name Mark Dennis Scheibert
Birth date (age 33)
Location Oslo, Østlandet Norway

Madlobster is a smasher from Oslo, Norway who mains Young Link. He is generally considered to be the best Young Link player in Europe. He participates in doubles with Raptormoses.

Tournament experience[edit]

Madlobster has been attending tournaments since 2005, being dragged into the scene after befriending Norwegian smasher Flikkflakk, Flikkflakk quickly teaching him the first of the advanced techniques of the game. His first big tournament was in 2006, particularly Smasher's Reunion hosted by Tonberry, where his crew was up against Flikkflakk's crew Fight For Fun. Flikkflakk was to on a tear and eliminate 16 stocks taking out all the 4 other players of Madlobster's crew before he himself went out to face him. In a stunning comeback, Madlobster was able to hit with a Rest (as he played Jigglypuff at this point in time) to finish off Flikkflakk's final stock.

Madlobster quickly became a core part of the Melee community by attending all the premier tournaments at the time, which included Smashers Reunion 2, Smashers Reunion 3 and traveling abroad to tournaments like The Renaissance of Smash 4. He also hosted a tournament series called Manly Lobster Tournament which was hosted at his own house, only able to keep about 20 players per tournament. Still, top players such as Masamune, Armada and Tonberry attended multiple of these tournaments.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smashers' Reunion 2 March 31st-April 3rd, 2007 13th 9th Flikkflakk
Renaissance of Smash 4 July 3rd-6th, 2007 N/A N/A Darkfrog
Smashers' Reunion 3 August 7th-10th, 2007 17th 7th Ironass
GulNer January 25th, 2008 17th 5th Dev
Forest Smash April 26th 2008 13th 3rd Imperfect
Trå til June 14th, 2014 13th N/A N/A
House of Melee February 15th, 2015 13th N/A N/A
Vallesmash 4 March 5th, 2015 7th N/A N/A
Beauty 10 April 3rd, 2015 17th Classic bracket N/A N/A
House of Melee 2 April 11th, 2015 17th 9th Raptormoses
DrømmeLAN 4,5 April 24th, 2015 25th N/A N/A
House of Melee 8 July 25th 7th 4th Raptormoses
House of Melee 9 August 8th, 2015 17th 4th Tooku
House of Melee 10 August 22nd, 2015 9th 5th Raptormoses
House of Melee 11 September 5th, 2015 4th 5th Raptormoses
House of Melee 12 September 19th, 2015 5th 2nd Raptormoses
Call of Ragnarok September 26th, 2015 13th 4th Raptormoses