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Ultimate main Meta Knight
Other Ultimate
Dark Pit, Pit, Olimar
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate SoCal Ultimate Power Rankings: 14th
Additional info
Location Riverside, California USA

L-Vis is an Ultimate Meta Knight player from Riverside, California. He is considered one of the best Meta Knight players in SoCal, and has defeated players such as BigBoss, Nicko, Chase, AC, Zenyou, Razo, Frawg, and Sean. He is currently ranked 14th on the SoCal Ultimate Power Rankings.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
SoCal Smash Prom April 23rd, 2022 7th 5th Daydream
Wavedash 2022 August 6th, 2022 25th 17th Arr_J
Mainstage 2022 December 2nd-4th, 2022 49th 25th AC
GENESIS 9 January 20th-22nd, 2023 193rd
LVL UP EXPO 2023 February 17th-19th, 2023 25th

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