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Character info
Melee main Zelda
Smash 4 mains Cloud, Pit
Retired Smash 4 characters Mii Brawler, Lucina
Ultimate main Hero
Personal and other info
Real name Trevor Dombrovski
Birth date (age 26)
Location Saint Cloud, Minnesota United States

Jibca is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from Minnesota who mains Hero. Before Ultimate, Jibca was a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player, maining Cloud and Pit and previously holding tenth on the Minnesota Power Rankings.

At Push More Buttons, a regional in Minnesota, he eliminated Xzax who was ranked 39th on the Panda Global Rankings at the time. In the next round, he lost to MJG and finished 13th.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
U of M Monthly 2 December 13th, 2014 17th

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
GENESIS 3 January 15th-17th, 2016 385th 97th BPhan
Odyssey March 12th, 2016 5th 5th Cookietic
Combo Breaker 2016 May 27th-29th, 2016 4th Triple R
Push More Buttons June 25th, 2016 13th 17th Balanced
Nexus July 23rd-24th, 2016 13th 9th Marshall
Little Big House 2 October 6th, 2016 49th
The Big House 6 October 7th-9th, 2016 193rd 65th Cookietic
UGC Online Open November 1st-10th, 2016 257th
Kong Quest 6: Happy Kongsgiving November 13th, 2016 9th 2nd Cookietic
PG Key to GENESIS 4 January 1st-5th, 2017 385th
Midwest Mayhem 6: SoCal Invasion January 7th, 2017 129th 25th Dwn4thekaz
GENESIS 4 January 20th-22nd, 2017 193rd Aurachi
Frostbite 2017 February 25th-26th, 2017 49th 33rd Jackie Peanuts
Combo Breaker 2017 May 26th-28th, 2017 17th
Smash 'N' Splash 3 June 2nd-4th, 2017 65th 7th Vega
Run, Don't Walk July 1st, 2017 9th 9th Jaaahsh
FTS: Lincoln's Term #3 September 30th, 2017 41st 7th Noodles
Star KO December 16th, 2017 13th 3rd Cookietic

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
The Counterpick #19 May 2nd, 2019 33rd
Papercut May 11th, 2019 49th
Smash Ultimate High Ground Weekly October 24th, 2019 13th
Smash Ultimate HALOWEEN High Ground 8 October 31st, 2019 9th
Weekend Warmup #40! December 27th, 2019 25th
Frostbite 2020 February 21st-23rd, 2020 257th 97th Aura Wolf

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