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Ultimate main Pikachu
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Washington Power Rankings: 3rd
Additional info
Real name Logan Ainsworth
Location Oregon USA

H4 (formerly H4DS) is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pikachu main. He is currently ranked 3rd on the Washington Power Rankings and was formerly ranked 5th on the Oregon Power Rankings. He has wins over players such as LeoN, Myran, VoiD, Javi, Comet, Tra$h Koopa God, Dragoomba, and pokepen.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Emerald City 8 May 25th, 2019 7th 9th Gengur
Orbitar 72 September 21st, 2019 5th
Orbitar 73 July 27th, 2019 5th
Orbitar 74 August 10th, 2019 5th
Orbitar 75 August 24th, 2019 9th
Orbitar 76 September 6th, 2019 5th
Port Priority 5 September 7th-8th, 2019 33rd 25th Gengur
Orbitar 77 September 21st, 2019 5th
Dam Good Smash October 5th, 2019 4th 4th Gengur
Buff the Bluff 2 November 9th, 2019 2nd
Play With Heart November 30th-December 1st, 2019 33rd 5th Remi
Orbitar 82 December 14th, 2019 2nd
GENESIS 7 January 24th-26th, 2020 129th 25th Remi
bunker down (2)Online March 28th, 2020 49th
Pound OnlineOnline April 24th-26th, 2020 65th
The BoxOnline May 8th-10th, 2020 129th
Rev It Up: 2020 SeriesOnline May 24th, 2020 33rd
Get Clipped 3Online October 17th, 2020 25th
Frame Perfect Series 4: ONLINEOnline January 17th, 2021 33rd
Salt Flats 2021Online February 14th, 2021 2nd
The Host Up Invitational 2Online February 27th, 2021 33rd
SWT: NA Northwest Ultimate Online QualifierOnline May 8th-9th, 2021 49th
SWT: NA Northwest Ultimate Online Qualifier Last Chance QualifierOnline May 9th, 2021 25th
Back in Blood August 28th, 2021 5th
Pinnacle 2021 October 8th-10th, 2021 9th 9th Everest
Port Priority 6 October 30th-31st, 2021 33rd 9th Remi
Mainstage 2021 November 12th-14th, 2021 65th
Back in Blood 2 November 27th, 2021 7th
Back in Blood 3 March 5th, 2022 3rd 7th jaredisking1
Vancouver Battle Royale: Resurrection April 23rd-24th, 2022 7th 9th JoJoDaHoBo
Back in Blood 4 May 14th, 2022 25th 5th Active
Battle of BC 4 June 10th-12th, 2022 17th 17th Remi
Crown 2 June 18th-19th, 2022 17th 13th JoJoDaHoBo
Double Down 2022 July 8th-10th, 2022 33rd 49th Fizzmint
Grandslam 6 July 17th, 2022 3rd 5th Archer
Rise 'N Grind August 19th-21st, 2022 129th 5th Remi
Cascadia Clash September 3rd-4th, 2022 4th
Riptide 2022 September 9th-11th, 2022 33rd 9th Bombastic


  • H4 Changed his name from H4DS due to several commentators erroneously calling him "Hades" when all characters in the name were meant to be said individually.

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