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This article is about the Melee Sheik main from Georgia. For the French Roy main, see Smasher:Flow (France).
Character info
Melee main Sheik
Other Melee character Jigglypuff
Project M mains Sheik, Bowser
Team info
Crew(s) Smash Studios
Personal and other info
Real name Onish Jain
Location Lawrenceville, Georgia United States

Flow is a Sheik main from Georgia. He is also the co-owner of Smash Studios. He was widely considered the best Sheik main in the Atlantic South and one of the best Sheik players in the United States. His secondary is Jigglypuff though he uses her mostly in Doubles. While he has had decent placings at big tournaments, getting 49th at EVO 2013, 65th at Apex 2014, 13th at CEO 2014 Prologue, and 7th at WHOBO MLG, he is mostly known for his prowess in Doubles. His Doubles accomplishments include 3rd at The Fall Classic 2013, 5th at Tipped Off 9, 17th at Apex 2014, and 2nd at Shuffle V.

Flow is also one of the premier TO's in the Atlantic South. He helped host Tipped Off 9 and regularly hosts local tournaments such as the "Cute Cats" series in Georgia.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Apex 2013 January 11th-13th, 2013 129th 49th s0ft
EVO 2013 July 12th-14th, 2013 49th
Tipped Off 9 December 14th-15th, 2013 25th 5th Merck
Apex 2014 January 17th-19th, 2014 17th FullMetal
Shuffle V February 22nd-23rd, 2014 17th 2nd Nicaboy
Fighters' Edge April 26th, 2014 5th
WHOBO MLG May 3rd-4th, 2014 7th 3rd s0ft
CEO 2014 June 27th-29th, 2014 25th 17th PikaChad
Tipped Off 10 September 20th-21st, 2014 9th 5th s0ft
BUST November 22nd, 2014 25th 2nd s0ft
Flashback Games Presents: Tournament 9 January 3rd, 2015 13th
Paragon Orlando 2015 January 17th-18th, 2015 33rd 7th s0ft
Apex 2015 January 30th-February 1st, 2015 9th s0ft
EVO 2015 July 17th-19th, 2015 242nd 13th s0ft
Tipped Off 11 November 7th-8th, 2015 2nd / 70 s0ft
We Tech Those 10: Georgia Tech June 25th, 2017 2nd iluvcrispix
Bad Moon Rising 2 July 1st, 2017 65th 13th iluvcrispix
Tipped Off 12 November 11th-12th, 2017 17th / 61 GAwes

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