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The icon for archives. The IRC channel is now obsolete, and as such this article only exists for archival purposes.
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  • IRC is a method to communicate with other users in a real-time format that doesn't cause edit conflicts or recent changes-plugging.
  • If you have an IRC client (such as Chatzilla), simply click on the above image/link to access the channel. If you don't have a client, you can use Special:WebChat.


  • The tone on IRC is much less formal than SmashWiki itself. Discussion is free to wander to non-Smash Bros. topics, does not adhere to SmashWiki's posting rules, and is the primary place to talk with others about online smashing.
  • Many users idle on the IRC - that is, while they are connected, they aren't actively paying attention. Do not expect an immediate reply to a query.
  • In the same vein, many users lurk on the IRC - that is, they pay attention to the discussion, but don't say anything. There is no requirement to respond to another user, and often a line of "Hello everyone" will be ignored simply because no one feels it is necessary to respond to such a post.


  • Do not use the SmashWiki IRC channel to personally attack or harass others. Remember however, being called out for less than stellar behavior (such as someone calling your behavior idiotic after displaying behavior deserving of such), or being argued with for an argument you're clearly a part of, do not constitute as being personally attacked or harassed. The rules about what is considered a personal attack are the same as the on-wiki rules.
    • Likewise to the above, do not provoke or "bait" another user to PA, harass, or troll you.
  • While imitating other users can be allowed, you are expected to drop an imitation act if told to by a moderator, and continuing imitating a user in the channel after they asked you to stop will be considered harassment.
  • Do not spam the channel. Rather than post reams of text into the channel, use a site like Pastebin and link to your post.
  • Do not intentionally post links to shock/porn sites, or "screamer videos".
  • Do not excessively ping other users. If someone asks you not to ping them, and their IRC username has a clear shorthand name you can use to get their attention without pinging, you are expected to respect their wishes.
    • However, if someone is using a generic username that comes up in conversation unrelated to them (such as using Mario), they'll be expected to change their name in some way if bothered by excessive pinging, rather than other users being expected to not use the name in their conversation.
  • Avoid overt and excessive sexuality, profanity, and violence on the channel. What is considered excessive is up to a moderator's discretion.
  • Do not be disruptive to the channel. Being disruptive is defined here as behaving in a way that prevents conversation on the channel from happening. Two users arguing logically isn't considered disruptive, but a user insistently arguing an argument they lost in an illogical manner against the other users on the channel can be considered disruptive. Posting overly long links at any time, even when other users are not talking, is always considered disruptive. Services such as TinyURL exist for a reason.
  • If you try to bring up a topic to talk about, and other users show no interest in talking about it or even tell you that they're not interested, you are expected to drop it. If you keep bringing the topic back up, especially to other users who came on after the initial turn down of the topic, you will be kicked from the channel, with continued insistence being met with further punishment.
    • The above also applies to issues on-wiki. If other users wish to keep something on-wiki, you are expected to respect their wishes.
  • There is no limit on what topics can be allowed. However, a moderator may at any time end a discussion if it gets out of hand, or ban a topic from future discussion if it is heavily prone to causing disruptive and non-productive arguments.
  • While you may use the channel to ask an admin to use their tools to help with something on the Wiki, do not bug them over issues that are not urgent. For example, if a redirect has to be deleted so a page can be moved to a more appropriate title, do not expect immediate help. Likewise, if an admin does not help right away with something that is not urgent, do not say something derogatory about it.
    • Also per the above, when asking an admin to do something, be polite about it, and do not demand it.
  • If smashing someone 1-on-1, keep discussion about the battles in private chat. Talking about the battles after they're finished with other users in the channel can be acceptable, but never use the channel to trash-talk, brag, etc.
  • While you may discuss a ban or other action of an admin with them on the IRC, you must be civil and rational about it. Harassing and/or insistently arguing illogically with them about it will be met with disciplinary action.
  • If a user clearly violates any of the above, and a moderator is not on at the time or is inactive, you must save a log of the incident to present when reporting. Otherwise, a moderator cannot take any action based on word of mouth alone. If you wish however, a log may be submitted to a channel mod in private.

Additional notes[edit]

  • The SmashWiki IRC channel, while an extension of SmashWiki, is not considered to be SmashWiki itself. Misbehavior on the IRC channel will not be held against you on SmashWiki, and vice versa, as long as the incident surrounding the misbehavior does not spill over to the other or are not connected. As such, being banned from the IRC channel will not necessarily get you banned on the wiki, and vice versa. However, getting banned from the IRC channel, then bringing that drama to the wiki, will result in a ban from the latter as well.
  • Users may not use private messages with the explicit intent of evading the channel. For example, continuing to harass a user once banned from the channel is likely to result in a much longer ban.
  • IRC is not private. Anything you say in the SmashWiki IRC channel can be seen by anyone else online at the time, and any user may request logs of any conversation that takes place in the channel, and as such users can be banned for behavior in the channel even if a mod was not around at the time.
  • Moderators do not condone usage of the /ignore command or variants thereof due to the confusion and disruption it can cause, as well as potentially causing missing comments in logs (which may lead to the loss of vital information if the log is needed for an issue brought to a mod). It is preferred that any issues with another user be raised with a moderator instead, and that if you're trying to talk only with specific users, you do it through PMs or another channel instead of using the ignore command on other users.
  • All action and enforcement done is at a moderator's discretion.
  • Being emotionally troubled, irritated, or suffering from disabilities such as autism are not valid excuses to break any of the above rules.

Moderator ruleset[edit]

Operator status is automatically given to administrators and a select few other users who have proven themselves to be worthy moderators of the channel.

  • While the topic can be used for pretty much anything, it must follow the rules as with any IRC message; as such, no spam/blatant advertising nor personal attacks are allowed.
    • Any links in the topic should be no longer than they need to be, with optional segments discarded, and may be shortened with a URL shortener such as TinyURL.
    • If the topic is more than a few lines long, with it covering multiple subjects, consider removing the oldest or most irrelevant subject from the topic before adding another.
  • While joke kicks are acceptable if used within reason, joke bans are not, with no exceptions.
  • Above all, always employ common sense.