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Piranha Plant (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 PiranhaPlantJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 PiranhaPlantJab2.gif
Neutral attack 3 PiranhaPlantJab3.gif
Neutral attack infinite PiranhaPlantRapidJab.gif
Neutral attack finisher PiranhaPlantJabFinisher.gif
Forward tilt 1 Push and Pull PiranhaPlantFTilt1.gif
Forward tilt 2 Push and Pull PiranhaPlantFTilt2.gif
Up tilt PiranhaPlantUTilt.gif
Down tilt PiranhaPlantDTilt.gif
Dash attack PiranhaPlantDashAttack.gif
Forward smash Prickly Swing PiranhaPlantFSmash.gif
Up smash PiranhaPlantUSmash.gif
Down smash PiranhaPlantDownSmash.gif
Neutral aerial PiranhaPlantNAir.gif
Forward aerial PiranhaPlantFAir.gif
Back aerial Fire Breath PiranhaPlantBAir.gif
Up aerial PiranhaPlantUAir.gif
Down aerial Flowerpot Meteor PiranhaPlantDAir.gif
Neutral special Ptooie PiranhaPlantPtooieThrown.gif
Side special (min charge) Poison Breath PiranhaPlantPoisonBreathMin.gif
Side special (max charge) Poison Breath PiranhaPlantPoisonBreathMax.gif
Up special Piranhacopter PiranhaPlantPiranhacopter.gif
Down special Long-Stem Strike PiranhaPlantLong-StemStrike.gif
Final Smash (swinging cages) Petey Piranha PeteyPiranhaSwingingCages.gif
Final Smash (landing) Petey Piranha PeteyPiranhaLanding.gif
Final Smash (flames) Petey Piranha PeteyPiranhaFlames.gif
Final Smash (finishing slam) Petey Piranha PeteyPiranhaFinishingSlam.gif
Standing grab PiranhaPlantGrab.gif
Dash grab PiranhaPlantDashGrab.gif
Pivot grab PiranhaPlantPivotGrab.gif
Pummel PiranhaPlantPummel.gif
Forward throw PiranhaPlantFThrow.gif
Back throw PiranhaPlantBThrowSSBU.gif
Up throw PiranhaPlantUThrow.gif
Down throw PiranhaPlantDThrow.gif
Getup attack front PiranhaPlantGetupAttackFront.gif
Getup attack back PiranhaPlantGetupAttackBack.gif
Getup attack trip PiranhaPlantTripAttack.gif
Ledge attack PiranhaPlantEdgeAttack.gif
Footstooled attack PiranhaPlantFootstooledAttack.gif