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Okizeme, sometimes referred to as simply Oki, is a Japanese word translated to "wake up offense" and a collective term for the strategies and mindgames around a player attacking or shielding while their opponent does a floor recovery. While sometimes used interchangeably with the term Wakeup, Okizeme specifically refers to the attacker. It often encompasses the attacker either predicting when and how the opponent will respond or prevent them from responding in any other way, then capitalizing with a punish that either does massive damage and/or puts them in a favorable advantage. While Okizeme is applicable in just about every fighting game, Smash has some unique additions to the formula. Firstly, fighters usually have very little invincibility while on the floor, which means that the opponent can perform their Oki before they even get up with attacks like jab lock or down smash. Secondly, due to the unique concept of non-set knockback, a single successful Okizeme can lead to instant death with the right attack at the right percentage.