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Kirby-R.O.B. up throw glitch

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The Kirby-R.O.B. up throw glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Currently, this glitch can be performed in two ways.

Can be done on[edit]

How to perform[edit]

One character (controlled by a human player) must be Kirby, and the other must be R.O.B. (CPU or human). The stage selected must be Temple. Have Kirby go into the bottom part of the stage and stand on the left side of the small floating platform to the right (the platform just next to the edge that could be grabbed in Melee but not in Brawl). Then have R.O.B. come down into grabbing range of Kirby. Have Kirby grab R.O.B. and do an up throw. The result should be that Kirby will jump up, miss the stage, and then end the attack just under the platform, as if he hit solid ground. This does not work with Meta Knight, whose up throw is a practical clone. The other method is to use Kirby and any character and use the up throw on the moving platforms of Frigate Orpheon after it flips.