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Ice Climbers (SSBU)/Neutral attack

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The Ice Climbers' neutral attack consists of 2 hammer swings. Alone, the leader deals 5.5%. When paired, they deal 9.625%.

For the technical data of each individual hit, see:

This move in SSBM This move in SSBB This move in SSBU Ice Climbers's moveset
Neutral attack (1 · 2) · Forward tilt · Up tilt · Down tilt · Dash attack · Forward smash · Up smash · Down smash
Neutral aerial · Forward aerial · Back aerial · Up aerial · Down aerial
Grab · Pummel · Forward throw · Back throw · Up throw · Down throw
Floor attack (front) · Floor attack (back) · Floor attack (trip) · Edge attack
Neutral special · Side special · Up special · Down special · Final Smash