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It's not uncommon for users on the Wiki to go asking around here why people think their favorite character isn't as good as they think they are. So I figured I would make this single forum where users can safely go ask why their character does poorly (or just not as well as the inquiring user thinks they should) in competitive play, and then other users can explain why.

For some guidelines for users using this forum:

  • Inquiring users should put the question about their character in a subsection of the section for the appropriate game.
  • Avoid asking about a character that was already answered here, unless you have something specific to ask about the character that wasn't answered before.
  • Inquiring users should not act like they "know more than the pros", i.e. don't come onto this forum acting like you know more than the people who play the game competitively do and not accepting the answers you're given. It's fine to debate points you think the answering user may have gotten wrong, but don't take a haughty attitude with it and go on about stuff like how you know "secret techniques" or whatever, and don't just say the equivalent of "nuh-uh" in response to user explaining how you got something wrong.
  • Answering users should not be hostile to any user inquiring in a respectful manner, regardless of how "nooby" the inquiring user may come across, and should never get derogatory with an inquiring user. This can be understandably relaxed a bit if the inquiring user starts giving the aforementioned "know more than the pros" attitude, but admin intervention should be requested before it can get out of hand and personal attacks start being flung around.
  • While it may be fine to debate certain points with an answering user, don't use this forum to fully argue why you think a character should be ranked higher on the tier list. Essentially, you could for example explain why you think R.O.B.'s kill power isn't as poor as the answering user said it was, but don't start posting whole essays on why R.O.B. should be higher ranked.
  • Don't dogpile, i.e. don't jump in and say something to an inquiring user if you can't add anything significant to what the answering user already wrote.
  • Users who violate the above may be barred from posting on this forum, as well as potentially banned from the Wiki if they violate our policies or get especially belligerent here.

Additionally, if you have a question about this forum in general, or about something general across all Smash games, post in the general comments section. Omega Tyrant TyranitarMS.png 15:50, 5 December 2013 (EST)

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