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We need to talk about the tournament and event pages. Ever since I created the "List of largest Smash tournaments" page, I started to give more attention to each of those events page, and noticed how different one can be from the other. There's simply no standard or a model to follow on how to structure and write those pages. It's easy to fill the results section for each tournament, but beyond that, it's every editor for itself.

For example, I've been editing the EVO pages recently and trying to make them similar, following wikipedia examples, like the Oscars, FIFA World Cup and Super Bowl pages. But beyond the very basic information about the event, I find it harder and harder to know what and how to write. When I looked inside for a model to follow, everything just got worse. The Apex pages are a mess, each one have a different intro paragraph, and the main page for the Apex Series is a block of text.

We need to discuss a standard/model to event pages, to make them similar and easy to create. For now, I'm somewhat happy with how the EVO 2015 is shaping up. There's still work to be done, but I feel that page is way prettier than the other EVO pages and most event pages I saw around the wiki.PFFP (talk) 22:10, 1 August 2015 (EDT)

What kind of model would you suggest? Right now it seems like most tournament pages go like this: 1. Intro 2. Games 3. Qualifiers 4. SSB results 3. Melee results 4. Brawl results 5. 3DS results 6. Wii U results 7. exhibition matches/crews 8. trivia, external links. Apex 2013 has sections on sponsors and "partners", but none of the other Apex pages do. Also editors can't seem to decide whether to add a schedule or not. Another thing is that a number of pages include a "ruleset" section, my take is that these don't need to be included unless there was some deviation from established norms. That being said I realize that there were some major disagreements in the Brawl era.--Dinodomain (talk) 20:09, 14 September 2015 (EDT)